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1793. Samuel, 2d, born January 7th, 1766; married          They lived at Coos and Granby, Vt.
1794. Stephen, born June 3d, 1767; married          Seymour. They lived in Turin, Black River. He died in 1857.
1795. Ruth, born September 27th, 1768; married         , Asahel Munson, of Branford.
1796. Mary, born August 7th, 1770; married         , Samuel Doolittle,
1797. Phebe, born April 29th, 1772 ; married         , Jeremiah Hull, of Wallingford.
1798. Levi, born November 3d, 1773; married November 15th, 1796, Esther Barnes. They live in Turin, Black River.


        Alice Hall, born September 6th, 1780; died January 19th, 1790, aged 10 years.

1721.                   Wallingford, Conn.

TIMOTHY HART, Wallingford, second son of Nathaniel Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Martha (Lee), born August 24th, 1731, at Wallingford; married March 6th, 1751, Phebe Fenn, of Wallingford, daughter of Theophilus, and his wife, Martha (Doolittle), born February 12th, 1735, in Wallingford.

[Thelma H. Kaluzsa sent the following about Timothy: Timothy Hart was my Revolutionary War ancestor for my DAR membership and was approved by the DAR. Others have joined using him as their basis for membership.

According to the book "Lists and Returns of Connecticut Men in the Revolution 1775-1783'" Timothy went out of Wallingford with Isaac Cook in 1775. He was in the Connecticut Line 1777-1781 from Wallingford and was finally listed Timothy Hart Serj. He apparently had two sons who also served, Benjamin and Titus, because they are listed in the records of those who applied for and received pensions. Benjamin, in 1819, and Titus in 1818, both living in Litchfield, Connecticut.

I have no record of Timothy's death or that he ever applied for a pension. He was listed in the 1790 census.]


1799. Benjamin, born March 25th, 1752; married December 15th, 1775, Hannah Curtiss.
1800. Timothy, born April 26th, 1754; died, September, 1812, at Steubenville, Ohio.
1801. Titus, born July 10th, 1756; married December 21st, 1780, Lucy Johnson.
1802. Jonathan, born October 13th, 1758.
        Isaac, born December 4th, 1760; died January 1st, 1775, aged 15 years.
1803. Phebe, born May 3d, 1763; married                  Sackett.
1804. Joel, born January 24th, 1766; married                 , Phebe Dallas.
1805. Amos, born February 3d, 1768; married             , Lois Anthony.
1806. Amasa, born July 1st, 1770; married                 , Abigail Fenn.
1807. Elizabeth, born August 24th, 1772; married         , Benjamin Baldwin.
1808. Jesse, born August 23d, 1774; married         , Esther Derby.
1809. Ebenezer, born         ; married his first, second, and third wife and lived in Batavia, Ohio.

1722.                      Wallingford, Conn.

MARTHA HART, Wallingford, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Hart, of Farmington and Wallingford, and his wife, Martha (Lee), born June 21st, 1733, at Wallingford; married in 1752, Joseph Curtiss, of Wallingford.

1723.  Wallingford, Barkhamsted, Conn.

HAWKINS HART, Wallingford, third son of Nathaniel Hart, of Farmington and Wallingford, and his Wife Martha (Lee), born, February,

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