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1712. Ruth, born November 1st, 1726; married                 , Daniel Beckley.
1713. Zerviah, born December 16th, 1728; married John Allis; second, David Webster.
1714. Hezekiah, born January 7th, 1730; married January 10th, 1757, Abigail Adkins.
1715. Hepzibah, born April 16th, 1732; married January 18th, 1753, Isaac North.
1716. Zachariah, born January 5th, 1733—4; married March 23d, 1758, Abigail Beckley.

1685.                   Farmington, Conn.

CAPTAIN JOSIAH HART, Farmington, youngest son and child of Captain Thomas, of the same town, and his wife, Ruth (Hawkins), born at Farmington in 1686; baptized there December 6th, 1686; married January 7th 1713-14, Sarah, daughter of Deacon Thomas Bull, of Farmington, and his wife Esther (Cowles), born November 5th, 1684. She died July 1st, 1737, aged 53 years, when he second married February 22d 1738, Lois daughter of Nathaniel Goodwin, and his wife, Lois (Porter), born September 16th, 1694. She has a tombstone by the side of her husband, in the old cemetery at Farmington, but without date or age. He inherited the old homestead of his father, nearly opposite the meeting-house in Farmington, and on this place he lived and died. He was the wealthiest and one of the most influential men of his day in that town. He was a justice of the peace, and possessed negro servants. He represented the town in the General Court six sessions—from 1731 to 1734. He held the military rank of captain. The General Court, at their October session, 1733, appointed "Capt. Wm. Wadsworth and Capt. Josiah Hart, of Farmington, a committee to provide for the Dieting of the Indian lads at 4 shillings per week for the time they attend the Schoole in said town until the session of the Assembly in May next, and they then make report thereof." He and his first wife were admitted to the church in Farmington after January 21st, 1711/12. He died January 28th, 1758, aged 72 years.


1717. Thomas, born November 7th, 1714; died                 , leaving no posterity.
          Ruth, born May 13th, 1717; died May 20th, 1717.
1718. Mercy, born August 23d, 1719; married January 29th, 1740, Roger Hooker, Esq.
          Josiah, born January 24th, 1721—2; died January 28th, 1722.
1719. Sarah, born April 17th, 1723; married July 11th, 1750, Elijah Cowles.
        Jonathan, born February 7th, 1726; died September 28th, 1736, aged 10 years.

1686.                   Wallingford, Conn.

NATHANIEL HART, Wallingford, Conn., eldest son of Hawkins Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Sarah (Roys), born June 19th, 1702, [Note that the date of birth here and in his parents entry on page 367 do not completely agree. The original information must be checked to find the correct date.]

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