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1710.                      Wethersfield, Conn.

LUCY HART, Kensington, third daughter of Hezekiah Hart, of Kensington, and his wife, Martha (Beckley), born September 5th, 1720, at Kensington; married January 2 8th, 1742, Jacob Deming, of Wethersfield, son of Jacob, and his wife, Dinah (Churchill), born at Wethersfield in 1713, and was a brother of Joseph, who married Martha. He died July 29th, 1791, in his 78th year. His widow died March 7th, 1802, in her 82d year, and both have tombstones in Beckley Quarter Cemetery.

1711.                              Berlin, Conn.

DAVID HART, Worthington, Conn., second son of Hezekiah Hart, of Ken- sington, and his wife, Martha (Beckley), born August 11th, 1724, at Kensington; married             , Lucy Peck. He died in 1786, aged 62 years, and his estate was represented insolvent. Samuel Hart and Jedediah Sage were appointed commissioners to adjust the claims, who, by notice dated Berlin, August 2 8th, 1786, were to meet at the house of Roger Riley, Esq., in said Berlin, for the purpose aforesaid.


1777. David, born          ; married          , Ann Benjamin.

1712.                       Wethersfield, Conn.

RUTH HART, Kensington, fourth daughter of Hezekiah Hart, of Kensington, and his wife, Martha (Beckley), born November 1st, 1726, at Kensington; married          , Daniel, son of Daniel Beckley, of Wethersfield, and his wife, Martha, daughter of Thomas North, of Farmington, born November 29th; 1724, in Wethersfield. He died March 4th, 1760, in his 36th year, and has a tombstone in Beckley Quarter Cemetery. They had issue, viz: Seth, born July 28th, 1753, died February 27th, 1769, aged 16 years; Daniel, born          , baptized June 18th, 1758, in Kensington.

1713.                       Kensington, Conn.

ZERVIAH HART, Kensington, fifth daughter of Hezekiah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Martha (Beckley), born December 16th, 1728, at Kensington; married John, son of William Allis, born September

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