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11th, 1726, who died May 18th, 1756, aged 30 years, when second she married December 19th, 1761, David Webster, Esq., son of John, and his wife, Esther (Judd), born January 29th, 1721, at Glastonbury. He was a graduate of Yale College in 1741, studied law, and practiced in Farmington and elsewhere. She was his second wife, and died January 17th, 1786, aged 57 years, when he third married November 22d, 1786, Widow Olive Smith. He died May 12th, 1806, aged 85 years. She had one child by Allis, viz: Abel, born 1755; married Widow Thankful Gilbert; died July 3d, 1816. Her children by Webster were—Hepzibah, born November 3d, 1763, married Israel Deming; Lydia, born September 28th, 1765, married Elijah Bevins; John, born April 7th, 1768, married January 28th, 1790, Eunice Deming; Selah, born September 20th, 1770, died November 13th, 1776.

1714.                        Kensington, Conn.

HEZEKIAH HART, Kensington, third son of Hezekiah, of the same place, and his wife, Martha (Beckley), born January 7th, 1730, at Kensington; married January 10th, 1757, Abigail Adkins. They were both admitted to the church in Kensington, August 6th, 1758. They had a negro servant. Mr. Hart died April 14th, 1804, aged 74 years. His widow died November 24th, 1820, aged 92 years, and both have tombstones in the burial ground near Merritt Cowles’ dwelling-house in Kensington.


1778. Hezekiah, born May 25th, 1758; died single, September 24th, 1840, aged 82 years.
1778¼. Lucy, born August 10th, 1760; died single, May 15th, 1791, aged 31 years.
1778½. Abigail, born December 14th, 1761; died single, January 7th, l785, aged 22 years.
          Daniel, born October 10th, 1763; died single in the almshouse.
1778¾. Jabish, twin, born October 3d, 1765; died single, June 18th, 1800, aged 35 years.
1779. Hannah, twin, born October 3d, 1765; married August 12th, 1792, Stephen Kelsey.
1780. Ruth, born           , 1767; baptized January 17th, 1768; married Job Cole.
1781. Rebecca, born           , 1770; baptized April 29th, 1771; married October 20th, 1805, Jedediah Gladden.
          Reuben, born           , 1774; baptized June 27th, 1774; dIed March 23d, 1781, aged 7 years.

1715.                        Kensington, Conn.

HEPZIBAH HART, Kensington, fifth daughter of Hezekiah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Martha (Beckley), born April 16th, 1732,

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