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at Kensington; married January 18th, 1753, Isaac North, son of Isaac, and his wife, Mary (Woodford), born 1729. They lived in Kensington. She died in 1792, aged 61 years. He died in 1804, aged 75 years. They had children, viz: Joseph, Hepzibah, Abel, Selah, Lydia, Salmon, and Isaac, born 1771; married          , 1810, Sally North.

1716.                             Berlin, Conn.

ZACHARIAH HART, Kensington, fifth son of Hezekiah Hart, of Kensington, and his wife, Martha (Beckley), born January 5th, 1733-4, at Kensington; married March 23d, 1758, Abigail, daughter of Joseph Beckley, and his wife, Mary (Judd), born November 22d, 1737, in Beckley Quarter. She died July 12th, 1765, aged 28 years, when second he married, June, 1766, Sarah Parsons. They lived at the North House, on Hart Street, next west of Berlin Street. He and his first wife were admitted to Kensington Church, September 30th, 1759, and when the church in Berlin was organized in February, 1775, he and his second wife were constituent members there. He died December 26th, 1811, aged 77 years. Mrs. Sarah Hart died January 26th, 1813, in her 80th year.


1782. Olive, born June 24th, 1759; married          , Solomon Flagg.
         Joseph, born October 14th, 1760, died, November, 1760.
         Zachariah, born September 1st, 1761; died January 3d, 1762.
1783. Caroline, born October 21st, 1762; married          , Abel Hollister.
         Zachariah, 2d, May 26th, 1764; died November 17th, 1764.
1784. Abigail, born May 21st, 1768; married March 27th, 1788, Josiah Norton.
1785. Sarah, born          , 1770; baptized February 11th, 1770; married          , Shubel Patterson.
1786. Martha, born          , 1772; married          , Levi Hart, son of Isaac.
         Zenas, born          , 1774; baptized August 3d, 1774; died          , 1775.
1787. Submit, baptized January 21st, 1776; married May 9th,          .

1718.                       Farmington, Conn.

MERCY HART, Farmington, second daughter of Captain Josiah Hart, of the same town, and his first wife, Sarah (Bull), born August 23d, 1719, at Farmington; married January 29th, 1740, Roger Hooker, of Farmington. They had childrenó1, Sarah, born December 16th, 1740, died April 19th, 1741; 2, Sarah, 2d, born September 16th, 1742, married Jonathan Leavett, Esq., of Greenfield; 3, Thomas Hart, born 1745, and died in the army in 1776, aged 31 years. He inherited an immense estate from his grandfather, Captain Josiah Hart, being his

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