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only male heir, most of which he expended in extravagance and dissipation, and finally married in 1769, Sarah, daughter of Deacon John Whitman, of West Hartford, and granddaughter of Rev. Samuel Whitman, of Farm- ington, and settled in West Hartford. They left two children—Abigail Pantry, who married Samuel Talcott, and Thomas Hart,

1719.                     Farmington, Conn.

SARAH HART, Farmington, third daughter of Captain Josiah Hart, of the same town, and his first wife, Sarah (Bull), born April 17th, 1723, at Farmington; married July 11th, 1750, Elijah, son of Isaac Cowles, and his third wife, Elizabeth (Smith), born January 12th, 1727. She died July 12th, 1751, in her 29th year, when second he married           , Eunice           . He died June 29th, 1793, in his 66th year. His widow died January 12th, 1810, in her 79th year. His first wife had one child—Jonathan, born July 7th, 1751; died July 23d, 1751. There were seven children by his second wife, viz: Elijah, Jonathan, Sarah Hart, Gad, Seth, Eunice, Gad, 2d,

1720.                     Wallingford, Conn.

CAPTAIN NATHANIEL HART, Wallingford, eldest son of Nathaniel, of Farmington and Wallingford, and his wife, Martha (Lee), born September 5th, 1729, at Wallingford; married January 23d, 1753, Alice, daughter of David Hall, and his wife, Alice (Case), born September 8th, 1731, at Wallingford. She died September 9th, 1775, aged 44 years, when second he married February 15th, 1778, Phebe, widow of — Johnson. She died September 23d, 1803. He held the military rank of captain. He removed to Goshen, Conn., and lived there with his sons in his old age. He died about 1810, aged 80 years.


          Nathaniel, born November 8th, 1754; died           , aged 23 years. 1788.
1788. David, born November 22d, 1756; married, May, 1781, Hannah Hudson.
          Samuel, born September 10th, 1758; died November 5th, 1763, aged 5 years. He was scalded.
1789. Sarah, born February 29th, 1760; married           , Joseph Doolittle, of North Haven.
1790. Lois, born December 22d, 1761; married           , Joel Doolittle, of Wallingford.
1791. Reuben, born July 4th, 1763; married, November, 1784, Ruth Ives, of Wallingford.
1792, Lucy, born September 29th, 1764; married           , Moses Hall. They lived at Ballston, N. Y.

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