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years, when she third married in 1822, Seth Stanley, who died June 22d, 1827, aged 72 years, when she fourth married Elias Beckley, who died October 4th, 1828, aged 69 years. She died July 4th, 1845, aged 77 years.

1785.                              Berlin, Conn.

SARAH HART, Berlin, Conn., fourth daughter of Zachariah Hart, of the same place, and his second wife, Sarah (Parsons), born 1770; bap- tized February 11th, 1770, at Kensington; married Shubel Patterson, who died in New York City, November 8th, 1828, aged 64. years, and was buried at the Bridge Cemetery, North Worthington. Mrs. Patterson, of Buffalo, N. Y., died December 18th, 1846, aged 77 years, and was buried by the side of her husband at the Bridge Cemetery; also three children, viz: Ira, died February 24th, 1818, aged 22 years; Lois, died October 17th, 1805, aged 2 years; Henry, died March 23d, 1806, aged 6 weeks.

1786.                              Trenton, N. Y.

MARTHA HART, Berlin, fifth daughter of Zachariah Hart, of Berlin, and his second wife, Sarah (Parsons), born at Kensington in 1772; married               , Levi Hart, son of Isaac, and his wife, Ann (Mather), of Now Britain, baptized August 24th, 1765, at Kensington. They removed to Trenton, N. Y.


1983, Lorana, born
          Caroline, born
          Eliza, born
          Zenas, born
          Cyrus, born
          Horace, born

1787.                            Berlin, Conn.

SUBMIT HART, Berlin, fifth son of Zachariah Hart, of the same place, and his second wife, Sarah (Parsons), born at Berlin in 1776, and married there May 9th, 1797, Clarissa Hopkins, daughter of Benjamin, born 1779. He lived at the north end of Hart Street, or Lower Lane, west of Worthington Street. He died May 9th, 1810, aged 34 years, and has a tombstone at the Bridge Cemetery, when second she married                     Wright, and those last were parents of Clarissa, wife of Russell Wells. The estate of Mr. Hart was settled

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