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1774. Sarah, born August 6th, 1751; died single, February 2d, 1841, aged 90.
1775. James, born February 27th, 1753; died single at Madison, September 12th, 1836, aged 83.
          John, born, March, 1755; died October 1st, 1756, aged 1 year.
1776. John, born October 9th, 1757; died single at East Guilford, April 30th, 1782, aged 24.
          Mabel, born October 26th, 1759; died
          Mabel, born October 26th, 1760; died single, August 13th, 1822, aged 62 years.
          Samuel, born April 29th, 1765; died single, November 2d, 1820, aged 55.
1777. Benjamin, born October 25th, 1772; married March 31st, 1804, Mary Meigs.

1706.                           Guilford, Conn.

SARAH HART, Guilford, third daughter of Rev. John Hart, of East Guilford, and his third wife, Mary (Hooker), born March 1st, 1727, at East Guilford; married January 9th, 1750, Henry Hill, of Guilford, who died July 17th, 1751, when second she married Dr. Thomas Adams, of East Haddam, son of Rev. Eliphalet Adams, of New London, who died, September, 1758, when third she married Rev. Amos Fowler, of Guilford. She died June 30th, 1789, aged 67 years.

1708.                       Middletown, Conn.

REBECCA HART, Kensington, eldest child of Hezekiah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Martha (Beckley), born August 27th, 1711, at Kensington; married           , Nathaniel Sage, of Middletown.

1709.                      Wethersfield, Conn.

MARTHA HART, Kensington, second daughter of Hezekiah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Martha (Beckley), born August 5th, 1717, at Ken- sington; married there by Rev. William Burnham, December 16th, 1736, Joseph Deming, of Wethersfield, son of Jacob, and his wife, Dinah (Churchill), born November 24th, 1711, at Wethersfield. He held the military rank of lieutenant. She died November 26th, 1748, in her 33d year, when second he married August 2d, 1750, Elizabeth Wright. He died February 28th, 1774, in his 63d year, and has a tombstone in the cemetery at Beckley Quarter, Berlin, Conn. His widow died October 11th, 1788. The Children of Joseph and Martha Doming are—Joseph, David, Gideon, and Asahel ; also five children by the second wife.

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