of Farmington six sessions between 1739 and 1747. His wife died, October, 1763, aged 83 years, when he second married January 11th, 1764, Elizabeth Norton, widow of Isaac Norton, of Berlin, and daughter of            Galpin, of Stratford, Conn. She too was a member of the church in Kensington. At the time of his second marriage he was 84 and his bride 79. Deacon Thomas Hart, of Kensington, March 14th, 1760, for love to his grandson, Elijah Hart, of New Britain, gave him, by deed and will, all the tools of whatsoever name he used in making reeds for weaving by looms; also all the cane he might have at his decease. Signed by Ebenezer Hart and Elizabeth Hart as witnesses. His second wife died March 28th, 1771, aged 86 years, and was buried by the side of her first husband, at the South Cemetery in Berlin. Deacon Thomas Hart died January 29th, 1773, aged 93 years (wanting three months, says the record).


1696. Mary, born September 29th, 1703; married July 4th, 1728, John Hooker, Jr.
1697. Ebenezer, born April 13th, 1705; married June 9th, 1741, Widow Elizabeth Lawrence.
        Elijah, born February 1st, 1706-7; baptized February 2d, 1706-7; died young.
1698. Hannah, born February 1st, 1709; married July 11th, 1728, Joseph Porter.
1699. Elijah, born June 18th, 1711; married December 26th, 1734, Abigail Goodrich.
1700. Ruth, born August 14th, 1713; married May 15th, 1740, William Wadsworth.
        Mercy, born January 13th, 1724; died November 8th, 1726, in her third year. The oldest stone in Great Swamp Yard.

1683.                    East Guilford, Conn.

REV. JOHN HART, East Guilford, Conn., third son of Captain Thomas Hart, of Farmington, and his wife, Ruth (Hawkins), born April 12th, 1682, at Farmington; baptized April 23d, 1682. He entered Yale College in 1702, not long after its organization at Saybrook. Previous to this he had been three years in college at Cambridge. He graduated alone at Yale in 1703, and was the second who had graduated there. He was ordained pastor of the church at East Guilford, Conn., November, 1707. He married March 20th, 1712, Rebecca Hubbard, of Boston, born November 11th, 1692. She died December 7th, 1715, aged 23 years, when he secend married August 12th, 1717, Sarah Bull, daughter of Jonathan, of Hartford. She died February 4th, 1719, aged 32 years, when third he married December 6th, 1720, Mary Hooker, of Guilford, daughter of Hon. James, and granddaughter of Rev. Samuel. He died at East Guilford, March 4th, 1732, aged 50 years. He was called an eminent preacher of his day. His third wife was born November 5th, 1693, and died September 6th, 1756, aged 63 years. In his Will Mr. Hart gave his negro woman, Fillis, to his