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farming, yet in carrying a stick of fence timber on his shoulder, he stepped into a hole in the ground, was crushed with the weight, and died in consequence. The following is a copy of the inscription on his grave-stone in New Britain Cemetery: "In memory of the greatly esteemed and much lamented Deacon Elijah Hart, who provided for his own, and served his generation with great diligence and fidelity, even to the last day of his life, was taken suddenly to his inheritance above, on the 3d day of August, 1772, in the 61st year of his age." His widow died in Simsbury, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Eno, January 21st, 1809, aged 95.


1753. Elijah, born September 26th, 1735; married         , Sarah Gilbert.
1754. Thomas, born January 12th, 1738; married February 2d, 1758, Mehitabel Bird.
1755. Jehudah, born December 12th, 1739; married July 9th, 1767, Mary Munson.
1756. Josiah, born April 28th, 1742; married         , 1765, Abigail Sluman.
1757. Mary, born October 26th, 1744; married January 7th, 1765, Jonathan Eno.
1758. Benjamin, born October 16th, 1747; married August 19th, 1772, Mary Fuller.
1759. Joseph, born May 17th, 1750; married November 5th, 1772, Huldah Smith.
1760. Elizur, born December 25th, 1752; married January 1st, 1778, Sarah Langdon.
        Aaron, born October 1st, 1756; died February 12th, 1761, aged 5 years.

1700.                     Farmington, Conn.

RUTH HART, Farmington, third daughter of Deacon Thomas Hart, of Kensington, and his first wife, Mary (Thompson), born August 14th, 1713, at Kensington; married May 15th, 1740, William Wadsworth, Esq., of Farmington, who died August 6th, 1769, in his 60th year, when second she married July 30th, 1778, Solomon Whitman, Esq., of Farmington. She was his third wife, his second wife, Ruth Strong, having died at Farmington, September 18th, 1777.

1701.                       Saybrook, Conn.

REV. WILLIAM HART, Saybrook, Conn., eldest son of Rev. John Hart, of East Guilford, and his first wife, Rebecca (Hubbard), born May 9th, 1713, at Guilford; married June 18th, 1742, Mary Blague,* daughter of Deacon Joseph. He graduated at Yale College in 1732, studied for the ministry, and was ordained pastor over the First Church of Saybrook, November 17th, 1736. A sermon of his entitled "A Discourse concerning the Nature of Regeneration, and the way wherein it is

* Joseph Blague, father of Mrs. Hart, came from Scotland, and was a deacon of Mr. Hart's church at Saybrook. His wife was Mary Hamlin, of Middletown.
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