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HANNAH HART, Kensington, Conn., second daughter and youngest child of Deacon Ebenezer Hart, of the same parish, and his wife, Elizabeth (Lawrence), born at Kensington in 1758. She died of measles in 1810, having never been married.

1753.                       New Britain, Conn.

DEACON ELIJAH HART, Jr., New Britain, Conn., oldest son of Deacon Elijah Hart, of Kensington and New Britain, Conn., and his wife, Abigail (Goodrich), born September 26th, 1735, in Kensington. He united with the church there in 1757, came to New Britain with his parents, and became one of the constituent members of Dr. Smalley’s church there, April 19th, 1758, when the church was organized. He married Sarah Gilbert, daughter of Ebenezer, and his wife, Mercy (Cowles), born May 11th, 1737. He first located in the south part of Hart Quarter, where Horace Hart lived, and after him Levi O. Smith, but built a large house near the mills, and September 10th, 1793, he deeded the south part to his son, Elijah, third of the name in as many generations. He was a man of strictly puritanical habits, stern virtue, great diligence, and economy. He was a plain farmer, with a large family and large property. He was chosen deacon, June 1st, 1780, which office he held for twenty years. His business was all laid aside at 4 o’clock Saturday afternoon, by himself, workmen, and servants, his face shaved, his long boots brushed, and his cows milked before sunset. His best boots would last him seven years, and his best surtout coat twenty years. He led the singing in church many years, having a grand voice, and good musical taste for that age. He died December 10th, 1800, aged 66 years. His widow died September 22d, 1809, aged 73 years.


1896. Elijah, born May 7th, 1759; married December 21st, 1780, Anna Andrews.
1897. Aaron, born October 16th, 1761; married March 4th, 1790, Sarah Francis.
1898. Sarah, born February 21st, 1765; married March 3d, 1785, Robert Cornwall.
1899. Ozias, born August 8th, 1768; married           , Sarah Lee.
1900. Selina, born Augnst 30th, 1770; married December 30th, 1790, Solomon Churchill.
1901. Olive, born           , 1775; baptized August 27th, 1775; married August 8th, 1803, Seth Merill.

1754.                       New Britain, Conn.

THOMAS HART, New Britain, Conn., second son of Deacon Elijah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Abigail (Goodrich), born Janu-

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