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1908. Asahel, born May 24th, 1771; married        , 1790, Hannah Langdon; second, Sarah
1909. James, born May 22d, 1773; married, June, 1793, Sylvia Pennfield.
          Sylvia, born August 15th, 1774; died November 19th, 1776.
1910. Sylvia, 2d, born April 15th, 1777. She lived at her father's home, and died May 9th, 1864.
1911. Joel, born June 14th, 1779; married September 17th, 1800, Lydia North.
1912. Benjamin, born Nov. 20th, 1781; married July 28th, 1805, Honor Deming.
1913. Abigail, born October 28th, 1786; married January 29th, 1807, Moses D. Seymour.


1914. Oliver, born December 19th, 1788; married January 3d, 1838, Deborah E. Hurlburt.
          Laura, born           ; baptized August 4th, 1791; died 1793.
1915. Elizur, born October 9th, 1794; married September 11th, 1882, Sophronia Jerome, of Bristol.

Wethersfield, Conn., Marietta, Ohio.

DR. JOSIAH HART, New Britain, Conn., fourth son of Deacon Elijah Hart, of Kensington and New Britain, and his wife, Abigail (Goodrich), born April 28th, 1742, in Kensington. He prepared for college under Rev. Dr. Norris, and graduated at Yale College in 1762. He studied medicine with Dr. Potter, of Wallingford, became a physician, and was a surgeon in the army of the revolution. He married in 1765, Abigail Sluman, of Stonington, Conn., and settled as a physician, at Wethersfield, on Broad Street, where Simeon Hale resided in 1874, which town he represented in the legislature several times. His wife died June 4th, 1777, at Wethersfield, of small pox, when second he married March 25th, 1778, Abigail Harris, of Wethersfield, widow of Thomas Harris, and daughter of Joshua Robbins. He removed to her place on Harris Hill, a little south of the village. He was chosen deacon of the church at Wethersfield, April 17th, 1793. His second wife was a descendant of John Robbins, one of the first settlers of Wethersfield, and a blood relation on the mother's side to the celebrated Miles Standish. She died August 8th, 1796, at Wethersfield, when Dr. Hart removed to Marietta, Ohio, where his two sons had settled early in life. Here he continued his avocation as physician, and married third, Miss Anna Moulton, a maiden lady of Newburyport, Mass. At the formation of the Congregational Church in Marietta he was elected deacon, which office he filled several years. In person Dr. Hart was below the medium size, but well formed, with a mild, pleasing, and intelligent countenance. In his manners he was very gentle. manly and kind, exhibiting a true Christian spirit in his intercourse

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