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August 20th, 1714; married September 25th, 1734, Rev. Thomas Ruggles, Jr., of Guilford. She died February 17th, 1760, aged 45.

1703.                      Farmington, Conn.

DR. JOHN HART, of East Guilford, second son of Rev. John Hart, of the same town, and his second wife, Sarah (Bull), born January 31st, 1719, in East Guilford, Conn. His mother died when be was four days old, and her brother, Dr. Jonathan Bull, of Hartford, was appointed his guardian, with whom he studied medicine. He commenced practice in Kensington, Conn., and died while on a visit to Guilford, his native place, March 21st, 1749, aged 30 years. He was unmarried. In his Will he calls himself John Hart, of Farmington, for Kensington was then a portion of that old town.

1704.                         Guilford, Conn.

THOMAS HART, Guilford, Conn., fourth son of Rev. John Hart, of that town, and his third wife, Mary (Hooker), born May 27th, 1723, at East Guilford, Conn.; married November 28th, 1750, Concurrence Bartlett, daughter of Ebenezer, of Guilford. Mr. Hart died February 26th, 1813, aged 90 years. She died. October 30th, 1813, aged 83 years.


1768. Mary, born August 17th, 1751; married March 12th, 1777, Nathaniel Dudley.
1769. Deborah, born May 22d, 1753; married July 26th, 1775, Samuel Fairchild, of Middletown.
         Rebecca, born December 6th, 1754; died single at Guilford, December 25th, 1827, aged 73 years.
1769½. Ebenezer, born October 3d, 1757. He was a revolutionary soldier, and was killed.
1770. Ruth, born April 23d, 1760; married January 7th, 1784, Hooker Bartlett, Jr.
1771. Thomas, born September 8th, 1762; married October 8th, 1787, Mary Parmelee.
1772. Elizabeth, born July 17th, 1765; married February 15th, 1792, Jonathan Parmelee.
         Sarah, born June 8th, 1768; died single, June 29th, 1825.
1773. John, born January 15th, 1773; married          , Betsey, daughter of Luke Field.

1705.                   East Guilford, Conn.

BENJAMIN HART, East Guilford, fifth son of Rev. John Hart, of the same town, and his third wife, Mary (Hooker), born June 1st, 1725, at East Guilford, Conn.; married November 21st, 1750, Mabel Fowler, daughter of Abraham, Jr., of East Guilford. He died February 28th, 1804, aged 79 years. His widow died September 13th, 1814.

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