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at Farmington; married December 21st, 1727, Martha, daughter of Captain Stephen Lee, of Farmington, and his wife, Elizabeth (Roys), born February 17th, 1701-2, at Farmington. He died October 2d, 1750, aged 48 years, and. his widow married second Joseph Francis. She died before July, 1760.


1720. Nathaniel, born September 5th, 1729; married January 23d, 1713, Alice Hall.
1721. Timothy, born May 24th, 1731; married March 6th, 1751, Phebe Fenn.
1722. Martha, born June 21st, 1733; married           , 1752, Joseph Curtiss, of Wallingford.
1723. Hawkins, born, February, 1736; married Febreary 12th, 1761, Abigail Hall.
1724. Ebenezer, born March 26th, 1739. He was a farmer, and probably died single in Wallingford.
1725. Josiah, born February 22d, 1741-2; married January 10th, 1765, Lydia Moss.
1726. Phebe, born April 20th, 1746; married            Preston.
1727. Esther, born           ; married            Curtiss.

1687.                     Wallingford, Conn.

RUTH HART, Wallingford, Conn. eldest daughter of Hawkins Hart of the same town, and his wife, Sarah (Roys), born August 13th, 1704; married March 24th, 1726, William Merriam, son of John, of Lynn, Mass., born February 12th, 1697. He died October 5th, 1751, and she second married September 3d, 1762, Deacon Edward Parker, born 1692, and died October 21st, 1776, aged 84.

1688.                     Southington, Conn.

HAWKINS HART, Southington, second son of Hawkins Hart, of Wallingford, Conn., and his wife, Sarah (Roys), born March 1st, 1708, at Wallingford; married there November 30th, 1730, Susanna Merriam. Soon after marriage they removed to Southington, and located on East Street, at what has since been known as the Ezekiel Sloper place, on the west side of the highway. His wife died February 23d, 1736-7, when he second married April 5th, 1738, Esther, daughter of Thomas Gridley, born March 17th, 1706, at Farmington. He died at Southington, April 17th, 1756, in his 49th year, and his widow married December 14th, 1758, Robert Cook.


          Hawkins, born March 8th, 1732; died April 4th, 1732.
          Sarah, born May 1st, 1733; died December 1st, 1742, aged 9 years.
          Susanna, born December 31st, 1734; died December 3d, 1742, aged 8 years.
1728. Hawkins, born January 3d, 1736-7; married March 23d, 1758, Huldah Woodruff.

NOTE - The estate of Widow Elizabeth (Roys) Lee, the grandmother of these children on the maternal side, was £60, and they had one-third of it by her Will, exhibited in court, July 15th, 1760.

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