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1736, in that part of Wallingford called Meriden; married February 12th, 1761, Abigail Hall, daughter of Peter, and his wife, Rebecca (Bartholomew), born May 15th, 1737. Mr. Hart was a carpenter and joiner by trade and occupation. His wife died. May 20th, 1807, aged 70 years. He removed to Barkhamsted in 1789, and died there, May 26th, 1824, aged 88 years.

[From "THE CATALOGUE OF BARKHAMSTED, CT MEN WHO SERVED IN THE VARIOUS WARS 1775 TO 1865" BY Wallace Lee, Meriden, CT, published in 1897: In june 1776, Hawkins Hart was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Fifth Company of Colonel Dougless' Regiment in the US Army. This Regiment participated in the battle of Long Island, in the defense of New York, and in the Battle of White Plains. He moved from Wallingford to Barkhamsted about 1788 and he lived on the road to Munson's mill from the center of town.

The musket above was the one used by Hawkins Hart when he was a member of the Continental Army. It is now owned by Robert D. Hart. ]


1810. Rebecca, born November 23d, 1761; married January 1st, 1784, Joel Cook.
1811. Josiah Hall, born June 3d, 1764; married January 14th, 1790, Phebe Hall.
1812. Hannah, born September 20th, 1766 ; married           , Joel Parker.
1813. Aaron, born February 8th, 1770; married           , Annis Austin.
1814. Hiel, born July 25th, 1772.
          Abigail, born February 1st, 1775; died February 20th, 1775, aged 20 days.
1815. Abigail, 2d, born June 8th, 1778.
1816. Hawkins, born January 28th, 1778; married           , Lois Slade.
1817. Jerre, born October 11th, 1784; married           Ives,

1725.                    Wallingford, Conn.

JOSIAH HART, Wallingford, fifth, son of Nathaniel Hart, of Farmington and Wallingford, and his wife, Martha (Lee), born February 22d, 1741-2, at Wallingford; married January 10th, l765, Lydia Moss. He is called Josiah Hart, Jr., on the Wallingford records. After the revolutionary war he removed to Nova Scotia.

[Josiah moved to Nova Scotia, Canada after the Revolutionary War (ca. 1783). Although there has been some speculation that he might have been a loyalist, there is no proof that that is the case. Lydia Moss was born Feb. 22, 1741 and died Dec. 25, 1809; 68 years old. They were first at Shelburne, Nova Scotia and later sailed up the coast of N.S. and found Guysborough Harbor; Josiah Hart settled there on the Hollowell grant with the Atwaters. He had a jewelry store in Halifax. Josiah Hart died in 1828 at 87 years of age. ]


1818, Rama, born June 26th, 1766. [Married Sarah Wood, born 1753 in Saybrook, CT. She came to Guysboro at the same time as the Harts and other Loyalists did.]
1819, Joseph, born July 20th, 1767. [Died in infancy.]
1820. Jairas, born February 17th, 1769. [Married (Dec. 1795) Frances Godfrey. They had 12 children.]
1821. Irad, born January 2d, 1771. [Married Armenia Ingram who was born in 1788. They moved from Guysboro to Margaree, Cape Breton about 1809. They had 6 children.]
1822, Tyrus, born January 13th, 1773. [Died July 31, 1828; 55 years old. Married Martha Ingraham.]
1823. Punthia, born June lOth, 1775. [Married Charles Myers.]
1824. Lydia, born April l9th, 1777. [Married William Simpson.]
1825. Lee, born August 23d, 1779. [Died Feb. 23, 1872; 93 years old. Married (March 7, 1803) Margaret Langille who died Feb. 22, 1872; 87 years old.]
1826. Ithiel, born December 17th, 1782. [Died Oct. 27, 1807, struck by lightning; 24 years old. Not married.]

1728.                      Southington, Conn.

LIEUTENANT HAWKINS HART, Southington, second son of Hawkins Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Susannah (Merriam), born January 3d, 1736-7, at Southington, and baptized there by Rev. Jeremiah Curtiss, May 1st, 1737; married March 23d, 1758, Huldah, daughter of David Woodruff, and his wife, Mary (Porter), born 1737, and baptized June 26th, 1737, in Southington, by the pastor, Rev. J. Curtiss. They lived on East Street, in the house owned and occupied by his son-in-law, Amos Woodruff. It stood a few feet south of the residence of

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