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Truman Barnes in 1869. His wife died December 31st, 1795, aged 58 years, when he second married                 , Ruth Chubs, of Barkhamsted, Conn., to which place he removed. He bore the military rank of lieutenant. In 1776 the General Assembly ordered six battalions to be raised, to march immediately to New York and join the continental army. Hawkins Hart was appointed first lieutenant in the seventh company, Fifth Battalion, under William M. Douglas, colonel; Nathaniel Bunnel, captain; Thomas Lyman, second lieutenant; Miles Hull, ensign. They had but one child, Phebe, who married Amos Woodruff. In 1781 her father gave her, for love, four acres of his home lot, reserving to himself the fruit of thirteen apple trees. He subsequently, in 1788, sold his son-in-law other portions of his farm. He lived in the town of Berlin January 26th, 1800, as appears from his deed to Amos Woodruff bearing that date.


1827. Phebe, born         ; married         , Amos Woodruff.

[From "THE CATALOGUE OF BARKHAMSTED, CT MEN WHO SERVED IN THE VARIOUS WARS 1775 TO 1865" BY Wallace Lee, Meriden, CT, published in 1897: Hawkins Hart was a Corporal in captain David Sloper's Company, Major Sheldon's Regiment, "Light Horse." This regiment was on retreat with Washington from New York through New Jersey; later was Lieutenant in the same regiment. he was then of Southington Parish and came to Barkhamsted about 1789 or '90. He built and lived in the house where Edar Taylor lived in later years, Southwest District. He may have become very reduced in circumstances, as in later years he leased his land and mortgaged his growing crops. His wife was Ruth Chubb and he died about 1817 and was buried at the Center. No stone.

It appears that the information in entry #1728 above may be in error, it appears to contain the military history of Hawkins Hart, #1723, instead of Hawkins Hart, #1728. But the catalogue by Wallace Lee may also be incorrect, if Hawkins Hart simply leased or sold his farm to his son in law. he was buried in the "Old Cemetery" which is now under the waters of the ]

1729.                     Southington, Conn.

LUKE HART, Southington, eldest son of Hawkins Hart, of the same town, by his second wife, Esther (Gridley), born January 8th, 1738-9, in South- ington; married, March, 1764, Deborah, daughter of Benjamin Barnes, of Southington, and his wife, Hannah (Abbot), born November 10th, 1734, in Branford, Conn. They were married at Southington, before Rev. Benjamin Chapman, then pastor. He lived on the old homestead of his father, at or near what has since been known as the Ezekiel Sloper place, on the west side of East Street, recently occupied by Stephen Judd. He removed to Winchester, Conn., in 1786, and his name is on the tax list there in that year. In 1787 his wife became owner of a lot on the west side of Spruce Street Road, nearly opposite Amos Pierce, on which they lived in a log house, and where they probably died. They deeded their place at Southington in 1786, to Samuel Newell, for £215, containing twenty-one acres, with house and barn thereon, and another piece of twenty-one acres in Blue Hills, to extend to the top of the mountain. This was in Shuttle Meadow Division.


        Josiah, born         , 1765; died young.
1827½. Selah, born         , 1766; baptized March 23d, 1766; married         , Rachel Hemsted.
1828. Stephen, born         , 1767; married         , Sarah Munson.
1829. Samuel, born         , 1771; died at Winchester in 1826, aged 55 years.
1830. Lydia, born July 13th, 1775; married, January, 1799, Hawley Oakley.

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