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parents in 1789; married December 5th, 1805, Lois Slade, born April 6th, 1785, at Barkhamsted. He was a carpenter and joiner by trade and occupation. He died at Barkhamsted, October 8th, 1836, aged 55 years.


2046. Chester, born July 16th, 1806; married March 13th, 1833, Julia Case.
          Rebecca, born March 6th, 1808; died, April, 1842.
          Betsey, born May 6th, 1810; died February 6th, 1822.
2047. William H. H., born August 28th, 1812; married October 26th, 1840, Eliza Scovil.
          Fanny, born November 10th, 1814; died January 3d, 1816.
          Fanny Amilla, born January 2d, 1816; died, January, 1840, aged 24 years.
2048. Sarah, born January 24th, 1818; married
          Olive, born September 2d, 1820; died February 5th, 1822.
2049. Abner S., born July 15th, 1823; married, April, 1848, Julia Rose.
          Lois, born September 14th, 1825; died, December, 1825.
2050. Hannah Amanda, born July 8th, 1827; married

1817.                              Wayne, Ohio.

JERRY HART, Wayne, Ashtabula County, Ohio, fifth son of Hawkins Hart, of Wallingford, and his second wife, whose name is unknown, born October 11th, 1784, at Wallingford. He went with his parents to Barkhamsted in 1789; married           ,            Ives, of                     . He was a carpenter by trade. He removed to Wayne, Ashtabula County, Ohio.


2051. David, born
          Josiah, born
          Jassa, born
          Levi, born
          Elon, born

1827.                       Wallingford, Conn.

PHEBE HART, Southington, only daughter and child of Hawkins Hart, of Southington, and his wife, Huldah (Woodruff), born about 1760, at Southington; married             , Amos Woodruff, of Southington, son of Jonathan, and his wife, Phebe (Wiers), born at Southington, and baptized there September 17th, 1749. He was a cooper by trade, and lived at the old homestead of his father-in-law, Hawkins Hart, on the west side of East Street. The house stood its width south of the present residence of Truman Barnes. It was a large two.story house, with two front rooms, and a lean-to in the rear, after the model of the better class of houses of that date. His wife

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