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1729. Luke, born January 8th, 1738; married, March, 1764, Deborah Barnes.
1730. Josiah, born Jane 30th, 1740; married September 11th, 1763, Elizabeth Moss.
          Sarah, born November 27th, 1742; died November 25th, 1756, aged 15 years.
1731. David, born July 22d, 1745; married         , Lucy Cotiner.
          Susanna, born January 12th, 1747-8; died October 26th, 1757, aged 9 years.
1732. Benjamin, born January 4th, 1750-1; married February 25th, 1776, Jerusha Rich.

1689.                      Wallingford, Conn.

SARAH HART, second daughter of Hawkins, of Wallingford, and his first wife, Sarah (Roys), born May 21st, 1710, at Wallingford; was married there October 25th, 1730, to Stephen Ives, of the same town, son of Nathaniel, and his wife, Mary (Cook), born at Wallingford, March 24th, 1704. He sold his place in Wallingford, consisting of a dwelling-house and twenty-three acres of land, to Moses Lyman, of Durham, Conn., for £230, deed dated February 16th, 1731-2. They had issue, viz: Sarah, Mary, and Lois, born January 9th, 1737.


ESTHER HART, third daughter of Hawkins Hart, of Wallingford and his first wife, Sarah (Roys), born October 12th, 1712, in that part of Wallingford now called Meriden; married there by Rev. Theophilus Hall, October 26th, 1730, to John Webb. She died in 1806, aged 34 years.

[The date of death and age are obviously conflicting. She would have died in 1746, if she was 34 years old at the time.]

1691.           Farmington, Bristol, Conn.

THOMAS HART, Wallingford, third son of Hawkins Hart, of the same place, and his first wife, Sarah (Roys), born September 29th, 1714, in Wallingford; married March 23d, 1742, Hannah Coe, born April 12th, 1712, and died, November, 1783. He settled in Farmington, where his first three children were born, He removed to Bristol about 1747 and second married                 , Rachel Barnes. He died July 12th, 1801, aged 87 years. His widow died March 26th, 1810, aged 87 years. The inventory of her estate was taken May 1st, 1810, at Bristol, Conn., by Abel Lewis and Bryan Hooker, appraisers; amount, $68.70. See Probate Records of Farmington.


1733. Mary, born March 23d, 1743; married June 25th, 1761, Luke Gridley, of Bristol.
1734. Ruth, born October 1st, 1744; married Jnne 2d, 1768, Dan Hills.

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