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1835. Susannah, born January 15th, 1782.
1836. Webb, born February 21st, 1786; married
1837. Jerusha, born September 11th, 1788.
1838. Samuel Ives, born November 22d, 1792; married September 20th, 1814, Abigail D. Hall.

1733.                            Bristol, Conn.

MARY HART, Wallingford, eldest daughter of Thomas, of Wallingford, and his wife, Hannah (Coe), born March 23d, 1743, at Walling. ford; married June 25th, 1761, Luke Gridley, of Bristol, son of Hezekiah, and his wife, Sarah (Newell), born September 31st, 1734, at Farmington. He died at Bristol of old age, (so the record says,) March 1st, 1810, aged 76. His widow died May 30th, 1817, aged 74 years. (See Bristol record of deaths.) They had Mary, born April 17th, 1762; Elisha, born May 17th, 1765; Chloe, born April 25th, 1769; Rachel, born October 17th, 1771; Lott, born April 2d, 1774.

1734.                             Bristol, Conn.

RUTH HART, Bristol, second daughter of Thomas Hart, of Wallingford and Bristol, and his wife, Hannah (Coe), born October 1st, 1744, at Wallingford; married at Bristol, (where she went with her parents about 1747,) Dan Hills, born 1734. She was his second wife. He died in Bristol of dropsy, June 9th, 1799, aged 65 years. She died there of consumption, February 8th, 1809, aged 64 years.

1735.                                Paris, N. Y.

JONATHAN HART, Paris, Herkimer. County, N. Y., eldest son of Thomas Hart, of Wallingford, Farmington, and Bristol, Conn., and his wife, Hannah (Coe), born March 22d, 1746, at Farmington, and went with his parents. to Bristol, Conn. He married         , Mary Coe, who died about 1787, when second he married about 1788, Lucia Clark, of Southington, daughter of David, and his wife, Lois (Andrews), born November 4th, 1760, at Southington. He removed to Paris, N. Y., about 1794. She died there, February 26th, 1803, aged 42 years. He died at the same place, March 2d, 1806, aged 60 years.


1839. Ira, born September l8th, 1771; married, December, 1798, Maria Sherman.
1840. Jonathan, born April 22d, 1773; married         , Orphia Chapin.
1841. Samuel, born June 3d, 1775; married
1842. Hester, born August 9th, 1777; died December 2d, 1795, in Brotherton, (now Marshall,) Oneida County, N. Y.

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