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said, “Here is a precious promise for you—’ I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee,’ Take it; it is yours; you will need it. I have indeed found abundant need of it, and it has been literally fulfilled in my experience.” He died suddenly at last, with but momentary pain. He fell “asleep in Jesus,” aged 58 years. Affectionate friends among his people have reared a tablet to his memory. He still lives in their affections, and his remembrance is precious to their hearts.


2076. David Sherman, born September 26th, 1799. He lives single in Stonington.
2077. Charles Theodore, born June 14th, 1801; died October 13th, 1819, aged 18 years.
2078. Harriet Eliza, born March 12th, 1803; married December 31st, 1833, Benjamin P. Palmer.
2079. Louisa Maria, born April 11th, 1805. He resides in Stonington.
2080. Henry Austin, born September 26th, 1809; died March 5th, 1837.

1840.                          Kirkland, N. Y.

JONATHAN HART, Kirkland, Oneida County, N. Y., second son of Jonathan Hart, and his first wife, Mary (Coe), born April 23d, 1772, in Bristol. He married Orphia Chapin, of Granby, Mass., and was a farmer by occupation. He took the name of John when he was a young man. She was born September 25th, 1776, and died January 17th, 1844. He died May 18th, 1852, aged 80 years, and 25 days.


2081. Susan Luana, born September 18th, 1797; married March 14th, 1815, Nathan Heaton.
2082. Caroline Maria, born August 31st, 1799; married January 8th, 1821, Truman Loomis. She died July 15th, 1823.
2083. Seth Chapin, born February 25th, 1801 married February 8th, 1831, Nancy Oothout.
2084. Theodore Ephraim, born December 22d, 1802; married January 11th, 1826, Eliza Collins.
2085. Polly Sophronia, born November 25th, 1804; married March 24th, 1832, John M. Roe.
2086. Jonathan Walter, born August 2d, 1806.
2087. Orpha Harriet, born November 20th, 1808; married September 8th, 1833, Rufus Edwards, of Virgil, N. Y.
2088. Hiram George, born September 11th, 1810; married February 25th, 1834, Mariette Terry, of Clinton, N. Y.
2089. Eber Coe, born June 21st, 1813; died May 26th, 1869, at Shreveport, La.
2090. David Wood, born January 24th, 1815; died in 1837, at Lockport, N. Y.

I841.                          Paris, N. Y.

SAMUEL HART, Black River, N. Y., third son of Jonathan Hart, of Paris, N. Y., and his wife, Mary (Coe), born June 3d, 1775, at Bristol,

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