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1730.                                  Rutland, Vt.

JOSIAH HART, Southington, second son of Hawkins Hart, of the same town, and his second wife, Esther (Gridley), born June 30th, 1740, at Southington, and baptized there by Rev. Jeremiah Curtiss, pastor; married September 1st, 1761, Elizabeth Moss, of Wallingford. They lived at Farmingburg Parish, in Southington, but sold his place there in 1785, to Rachel Truesdale, of Harwinton, for £40, containing seventeen acres, with a cider-mill thereon, and his buildings standing on lands of Joshua Porter. He removed to Rutland, Vt., and February 13th, 1789, there gave a quitclaim deed of five acres of land in Farmingburg Parish, in Southington, for £2 consideration, to Amos Beecher.


1831. Esther, born December 3d, 1762.
1832. Sarah, born August 17th, 1765.

1731.                             Middletown, Vt.

DAVID HART, Southington, third son of Hawkins Hart, of the same town, and his second wife, Eunice (Gridley), born July 22d, 1745, at Southington, and baptized there, July 28th, 1745; married Lucy Codner. He had an impediment in his speech. He and his wife, Lucy, sold to Jotham Woodruff, March 14th, 1807, for the consideration of $800, their place, consisting of two pieces of land—the first, part of an ancient highway of two and one-half acres, and the second, a piece of nine acres, with a dwelling-house and barn attached; and at the same date they sold to Ruth, wife of William Tisdale, eight acres for $200. The same land was conveyed to said Lucy by James Curtiss. They removed from Southington to Middletown, Rutland County, Vt., in 1807, where, it is said, they both died, after 1828 and before 1835. They had no children.

1732.                        Wallingford, Conn.

BENJAMIN HART, Southington, youngest son of Hawkins Hart, of the same town, and his second wife, Esther (Gridley), born January 4th, 1750—1, at Southington; baptized January 6th, 1751, by the pastor, Rev. J. Curtiss. He married at Wallingford, February 25th, 1776, Jerusha Rich, where he located. He died at Meriden, October 7th, 1836, aged 85 years. She died August 26th, 1832.


1833, Esther, born November 8th, 1776; married            Hall; second, January 24th, 1822, Marvel Andrews.
1834. Lucy, born December 20th, 1779.

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