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1829.                          Winchester, Conn.

SAMUEL HART, Southington, fourth son of Luke Hart, of the same, town, and his wife, Deborah (Barnes), born at Southington in 1771. He went to Winchester with his parents in 1786, and married Mariam Bassett, of Vermont and Winchester. His avocation was farming. He died at Winchester in 1826, aged 55 years.


          Sally, born           ; died young.
2060. Willard, born, January, 1798; married May 29th, 1828, Maria Andrews.
2061. Sylvester, born May 22d, 1800; married June 22d, 1822, Charlotte Walter.
2062. Amelia, born           , 1802; married           , Samuel Bandall.
2063. Polly, born           ; married           , Levi Tuttle.
2064. Wells, born Febrnary 4th, 1805; married November 1st, 1826, Susan Tryon.
2065. Hawley, born February 10th, 1807; married           , Hannah Tryon.
          Harriet, born about 1809; died single at Winchester, aged about 18 years.
2068. Lucy, born about 1810, in Granville, Mass. She is single.
2067. Sylvia, born about 1811; married           , Edward Aibro.
2068. Julia, born about 1812; married           , Jason Lilley, of Vermont, and lived in East Windsor in 1871.
2069. Samuel, born May 25th, 1813; married November 14th, 1833, Laura Benedict.

1830.         Barkhamsted, Canaan, Conn.

LYDIA HART, Canaan, Conn., youngest child of Luke Hart, of Southington and Winchester, and his wife, Deborah (Barnes), born July 13th, 1775, at Southington; married, January, 1799, Hawley Oakley, and settled in Barkhamsted, where their first four children were born, and from thence, about 1807, they removed to Canaan, Conn., where they lived over forty years. They were members of the Methodist Church. He died                     . She died                     . They had Alma, Stata, Alva, Luke, William, Sally, Emma, and Lucinda.

1833.         Wallingford, Meriden, Conn.

ESTHER HART, Meriden, eldest daughter of Benjamin Hart, of Wallingford, and his wife, Jerusha (Rich), born November 8th, 1776, at Wallingford; married           ,            Hall, of who died, when second she married January 24th, 1822, Marvel Andrews, of Meriden, son of Nicholas, and his wife, Lydia (Hull), born October 20th, 1765. She was his fourth wife. She died December 26th, 1854, aged 78 years. He died at Meriden, Conn., December 5th, 1848, aged 83 years, 1 month, and 15 days.

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