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2650. Caroline A., born January 17th, 1841; married            , Chauncey Messenger.
2651. Sarah Jane, born May 17th, 1843, at Torrington; died single, July 26th, 1862, aged 19 years.
2652. William Wells, born December 10th, 1845; married October 21st, 1866, Lydia Waugh.
2653. Frederic Alvin, born April 18th, 1848; married            , Jennie Fancher.
2654. Richard Elias, born June 18th, 1850. He is a mechanic, and works in Waterbury, Conn.
           Matilda S., born            ; died October 6th, 1861.

2065.                        Winchester, Conn.

HAWLEY HART, Winchester, Conn., fourth son of Samuel Hart, of Southington and Winchester, Conn., and his wife, Mariam (Bassett), born February 10th, 1807, at Hartland; married            , Hannah Tryon, daughter of Richard, of Saybrook, Conn., and New Durham, N. Y., and his wife, Betsey (Tripp), a sister of his brother Wells’ wife. She died            , when second he married January 12th, 1840, at Pennfield, Ohio, Lucy, daughter of Lewis Hart, formerly of Winchester, Conn., where she was born, September 17th, 1821. They were living at Pennfield, Lorain County, Ohio, in 1871. His avocation is farming, and she is a member of the Methodist Church.


2655. Willard, born October 12th, 1840; married January 15th, 1861, Ann E. Soog.
2656. Chester, born April 11th, 1842; died August 10th, 1859, aged 17 years.

2067.                          Granville, Mass.

SYLVIA HART, Granville, Mass., sixth daughter of Samuel Hart, of Southington and Winchester, Conn., and his wife, Mariam (Bassett), of Winchester, born                     ; married                     , Edward Albro, of Winchester. He is a farmer, and lived in Granville, Mass., in 1871. They have one son and one daughter.

2072.                              Melrose, Wis.

BENJAMIN PECK HART, Melrose, Jackson County, Wis., the youngest child of Webb Hart, of Meriden, Conn., and his wife, Clarissa (Peck), born June 26th, 1811, at Meriden; married August 5th, 1835, Jane Brooks, who died December 24th, 1849, when second he married December 30th, 1852, Nancy A. Wentworth. They reside in Melrose, Wisconsin.

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