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ford, Conn., born August 18th, 1822, in Colebrook, Conn.; married November 17th, 1850, Nelson Barnard.

2586.                           Colebrook, Conn.

ALMIRA HART, Colebrook, Conn., eldest daughter of Lewis Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Persis, daughter of Deacon William Swift, born October 23d, 1816, in Colebrook, Conn.; married there March 30th, 1836, Lewis Barnard, son of Asa, and his wife, Elizabeth Hart. He is a farmer, and they were residing in Colebrook, Conn., in 1872. Their children wereŚ1, Elizabeth, born March 7th, 1838; 2, George Lucian, born May 23d, 1840, married, May, 1871, Mary Hoyt; 3, Harriet Ann, born May 29th, 1843, married December 16th, 1863, Samuel A. Cooper; 4, Julius Hart, born March 19th, 1845, married October 22d, 1872, Clara Mattison; 5, Almira Swift, born July 1st, 1848, married November 16th, 1870, Albert B. Sage, died July 9th, 1871.

2587.                            Grafton, Ohio.

WILLIAM HART, Grafton, Ohio, son of Lewis Hart, of Colebrook, Conn., and his wife, Persis (Swift), of Winchester, Conn., where he was born, September 12th, 1819; married in Pennfield, Lorain County, Ohio, April, 1841, Harriet E. Smith, born July 8th, 1821, in Rome, N. Y. He is a merchant in Grafton, Lorain County, Ohio, and he wrote to me, February, 1874.


2888. Sarah L., born March 26th, 1843; married December 12th, 1861, William McGraw.
2889. Myra P., born May 3d, 1847; married May 6th, 1866, G. W. Lavoo.
2890. William, born January 14th, 1858, in Grafton, Ohio.

2588.                           Pennfield, Ohio.

LUCY HART, Winchester, Conn., second daughter of Lewis Hart, of Colebrook, Conn., and his wife, Persis (Swift), born September 17th, 1821, in Winchester, Conn.; married in Pennfield, Ohio, January 12th, 1840, Hawley Hart, of Winchester, Conn., son of Samuel, and his wife, Mariam (Bassett); born February 10th, 1807, in Hartland, Conn. She is his second wife, and is a member of the Methodist Church. He is a farmer, and they were residing in Pennfield, Lorain County, Ohio, in 1871.

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