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1843. Polly, born October 3d, 1779; married           , Elisha Hills.
1844. Seth, born November 25th, 1781; married           , Louisa Hickox.
1845. Josiah, born April 2d, 1784; married           , Sophronia Gridley.
1846. Eunice, born June 27th, 1787; married           , Jacob Hemingway.


1847. Alvaro, born November 4th, 1788; married           , 1812, Betsey Burr.
1848. Orris, born February 13th, 1791; married, January, 1812, Elizabeth Bigelow.
1849. Warren, born August 29th, 1793; married, December, 1814, Harriet Page.
          Lowly, born October 27th, 1795; died at Paris, N. Y., September 11th, 1813, aged 18 years.
1850. Lucia, born February 19th, 1798; married           , 1816, Ambrose Lyman.
1851. Edwin Clark, born December 14th, 1800; married March 10th, 1823, Aurel Anderson.
1852. Ichabod Andrews, born February 16th, 1803; married October 13th, 1830; Emeline F. Frisbee.

1736.                              Bristol, Conn.

HANNAH HART, Bristol, Conn., third daughter of Thomas Hart, of Wallingford, Farmington, aud Bristol, Conn., and his wife, Hannah (Coe), born October 10th, 1747, in that part of Farmington now called Bristol; married Jacob Byington, of that town.

1737.                              Clinton, N. Y.

THOMAS HART, Clinton, Oneida County, N. Y., second son of Thomas Hart, of Wallingford, Farmington, and Bristol, Conn., and his wife, Hannah (Coe), born September 10th, 1749, at Bristol, Conn.; married in 1772, Mary Hungerford, daughter of Benjamin. She was admitted to the church in 1796. He was a member of the New York Legislature, judge of the County court, &c., a man of wealth, and a supporter of religious institutions as the basis of civil liberty. He and his brothers, Amasa and Jonathan, emigrated from Bristol, Conn., to Paris, Oneida County, N. Y., about 1794. He died at Clinton, N. Y., leaving a large estate.


1853. Jemima, born           ; married           , Ava Woodruff.
1854. Hannah, born           ; married           , Ava Woodruff.
1855. Ephraim, born           ; married           , 1821, Martha Seymour.
1856. Prudence, born           ; married           , Dr. Sewell Hopkins.
1857. Eli, born           ; married           , Mary
1857½. Roswell, born           ; married           , Eliza Pixley.
1858. Truman, born           , at Palmyra, N. Y. ; married           , Susan
1859. Thomas, born           . He is wealthy, and lives in Rochester unmarried.
1860. Mary, born           ; married            Allen.

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