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1682. Thomas, born, March, 1680; baptized April 4th, 1680; married December 17th, 1702, Mary Thompson.
1683. John, born April 12th, 1682; baptized April 23d, 1682; married March 20th, 1712, Rebecca Hubbard.
1684. Hezekiah, born , 1684; baptized November 23d, 1684.
1685. Josiah, born , 1686; baptized December 6th, 1686.

1679.                       Farmington, Conn.

MARY HART, Farmington, eldest child and daughter of Captain Thomas Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Ruth (Hawkins), born about 1666; married December 20th, 1683, Samuel Newell, son of Thomas, of Farmington, and his wife, Rebecca; baptized December 5th, 1660, and was admitted to the church there in 1687. His wife died April 28th, 1752, aged 86 years. He died February 15th, 1753, in his 93d year. He held the military rank of ensign. They had seven children, viz: Samuel, Thomas, John, Mary, Daniel, Nathaniel, and Sarah.

1680.                     Northampton, Mass.

MARGARET HART, second, daughter of Captain Thomas Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Ruth (Hawkins), born             ; married June 11th, 1689, Asahel Strong, Esq., of Northampton, Mass., who settled in Farmington, where he was a member of the church, and died in 1739. She died in 1735. Rev. Cyprian Strong, of Chatham, was their grandson.

1681.                     Wallingford, Conn.

HAWKINS HART, Wallingford, eldest son of Captain Thomas Hart, of Farmington, and his wife, Ruth (Hawkins), born at Farmington in 1677; married September 7th, 1701, Sarah Roys, of Wallingford, daughter of Nathaniel, and, his wife, Sarah (Lathrop), born April 3d, 1683, at Wallingford, He being aged 24 years, and she 19, at the time of marriage (so says the record). He lived for a time in Farmington, where their first two children were born, on the 4th of October, 1705 (says the record). They removed to Wallingford, where his wife died, January 31st, 1733, aged 49 years, when second he married January 30th, 1734, Mary Street. He lived on the farm of his first wife's father. He held the military rank of lieutenant. He died at Wallingford, May 24th, 1735, aged 58 years. His second wife is said to have been Mary, widow of           Street, and daughter of Rev. Joseph Elliot, of Guilford, and his second wife, Mary, daughter of Hon.

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