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Council in 1697. At their October session, 1699, the General Court appointed Captain Thomas Hart and others a committee "to take care of the countries interest in the undivided lands, and to indevour the preventing and detecting all illegall trading with the natives for land, and to implead such persons as have trespassed upon the countries land by intrusion." By a vote at the May session, 1700, he and others were continued on the same committee. In May, 1701, he was appointed a committee for a similar purpose and object. In October, 1702, he was appointed a committee to settle a line between Connecticut and Rhode Island. At the same session he was appointed on a committee "to draw a Bill to prevent disorders in Retailers of strong drinke and excessive drinking, and to prepare a Bill to put in execution the reformation Lawes." At their May session, 1703, the General Court passed the following: "This Assembly doth appoint and empower Capt. Thos. Hart and Mr. Caleb Stanley, to survey or to lay out to James Bird 100 acres of land granted to him in October last according to his grant." Captain Hart and his wife were members of the church in Farmington, March 1st, 1679—80. "He was a man of wealth, activity, and usefulness, He represented the town in the General Court twenty-nine sessions—from 1690 to 1711—of which body he was several times clerk and speaker, and a candidate for the Upper House. He and John Hooker were the two prominent unen of the town, and conspicuous in the colony. They were the justices of the peaee, filled the more important town offices, and executed important public trusts." His wife died October 9th, 1724, aged 75 years. Captain Hart died August 27th, 1726, in his 83d year, and was buried with military honors.

His Will was dated 1721, in which he gives his beloved wife, Ruth.

To his son, Hawkins.
To his son, Thomas.
To his son, Hezekiah, all his lands at Great Swamp.
To his son, John.
To his son, Josiah.
To his two daughters, Mary Newell and Margaret Strong, £5 each.
To Richard Negro, our Servant, 15 acres.
He makes his sons, Thomas and John, executors. Inventory taken September 7th, 1726. A large estate—about 2,000 acres.

          Isaac Cowles, Appraisers.
          John Hart,


1679. Mary, born               ; married December 20th, 1683, Samuel Newell.
1680. Margaret, born               ; married June 11th, 1689, Asahel Strong.
1681. Hawkins, born           , 1677; married September 7th, 1701, Sarah Royce.

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