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2002. Benjamin, born October 7th, 1779; died single in 1830, and was buried on Litchfield Hill.
2003. Phebe, born August 28th, 1784; married           , White Webster.
2004. Lucy, born August 28th, 1784; married           , Eliakim Curtiss,
2005. Jonathan, born August 11th, 1786. He went to Kingsville, Ashtabula County, Ohio.
2006. Isaac, born April 1st, 1788; married           , 1812, Hannah Butler.
2007. Merab, born           ; married           , Abner Stone.
2008. Ann, born           ; married           , Roswell Knapp, of Ohio.
2009. Lydia, born September 3d, 1794; married            Huntley of Ohio.

1801.                        Colebrook, Conn.

TITUS HART, Colebrook, Conn., third son of Timothy Hart, of Wallingford, and his wife, Phebe (Fenn), born July 4th, 1757, at Wallingford. He married there, December 21st, 1780, Lucy Johnson, of Litchfield, Conn., who bore to him eight children, when she died September 22d, 1803, aged 38 years, and second he married January 8th, 1804, Elizabeth, daughter of Elijah Andrews, of Windsor and Winchester, and his wife, Mary (Roberts). He entered the army of the revolution when he was sixteen years old, and remained to its close. After the war and soon after his marriage he removed to Litchfield, and from thence to the south part of Colebrook about 1794, on the same farm on which he died. He was a carpenter and joiner by trade, but followed farming mostly. While he lived his descendants were accus- tomed to hold family gatherings with him annually on thanksgiving day, sometimes to the number of 200 and over—children, grand children, great- grandchildren, and friends. He died July 27th, 1844, aged 87 years and 23 days. His widow died July 31st, 1844—only four days later—aged 67 years.


2010. Truman, born November 23d, 1785, at Litchfield; married, April, 1812, Polly Spencer.
2011. Polly Johnson, born July 17th, 1788; married James Gillet, of Hartland.
2012. Elizabeth, born March 28th, 1791, at Litchfield; married April 11th, 1810, Asa Barnard.
2013. Lewis, born September 30th, 1793; married November 1st, 1815, Persis Swift.
2014. Titus, born May 5th, 1795; married July 14th, 1820, Amanda Webster.
2015. Lucy, born January 1st, 1799; married February 22d, 1824, Lester North.
2016. Orpha, born April 11th, 1802; married December 13th, 1831, William Vining, of Simsbury.
          Child, born           , 1803; died           , 1803.


          Phebe, born March 3d, 1805; died March 7th, 1807.
2017. Milo Roberts, born June 30th, 1806; married           , Julia Anna Cowdry.
2018. Phebe Fenn, born February 29th, 1808; married           , Leonard Gillet.

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