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1994. Alice, born November 28th, 1790; married           , Daniel Beach.
          Seeley, born February 28th, 1793; died           , aged 2 years.
1995. Amanda, born February 29th, 1796; married May 21st, 1828, Alva Wise, of Warren.
1996. Seeley, 2d, born February 1st, 1798; married October 16th, 1823, Jemima Thirza Chapman.
1997. Betsey, born October 14th, 1801; married           , Rufus Carrier.
1998. Reuben, born May 2d, 1803; married July 2d, 1829, Nancy Ann Law.
l999. Elias, born May 2d, 1807; married January 20th, 1830, Julia Ann Page.

1797.                      Wallingford, Conn.

PHEBE HART, Wallingford, sixth daughter of Captain Nathaniel Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Alice (Hall), born April 25th, 1772, at Wallingford; married Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah Hull, of Wallingford, and his wife, Mary (Merriman).

1798.                                Turin, N. Y.

HON. LEVI HART, Winchester, Conn., youngest son of Captain Nathaniel Hart, of Wallingford, and his first wife, Alice (Hall), born November 3d, 1773, at Wallingford, and went to Goshen with his father; married in Bristol, Conn., November 15th, 1796, Esther Barnes, of Bristol. At that time he was a resident of Winchester, Conn., so the record says. They removed to Turin, Lewis County, Black River Country, N. Y., where he died, June 30th, 1861, aged 87 years, 7 months, and 27 days. He was judge of the court, and representative to the General Assembly. There were no children reported.

1799.                       Litchfield, Conn.

BENJAMIN HART, Litchfield, Conn., eldest son of Timothy Hart, of Walling- ford, and his wife, Phebe (Fenn), born March 5th, 1752, at Wallingford; married there December 15th, 1775, Hannah Curtiss, of Wallingford, born 1754. He removed from Wallingford to Litchfield soon after the war of the revolution. He was one of the non-commissioned officers who wintered at Valley Forge, and was present at the delivery of Washington's farewell address to the army. He took his first deed of land in Litchfield, February 22d, 1786, and two others the same year. His wife died at Litchfield, April 2d, 1833, aged 79 years. He died January 80th, 1831, aged 78 years, 10 months, and 25 days. They were buried on Litchfield Hill.


2000. Lois, born October 4th, 1775; married    , Heman Bartholomew.
2001. Hannah, born March 8th, 1778; married           , Timothy Stone.

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