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2018½. Timothy Orson, born November 30th, 1809.
2019. Thomas West, born September 11th, 1811; married November 26th, 1838, Grace Morse.
2020. Jerusha, born August 31st, 1813; married           , Nelson Rogers.
2021. Sylvia, born October 10th, 1815; married           , James Hubbard Mills.
2022. Charles William, horn January 2d, 1818; married           , Ann Camp.
2023. Jane Minerva, born August 23d, 1820; married Henry Arnold; died July 5th, 1847, aged 27 years.

1804.                         Wallingford, Vt.

JOEL HART, Vermont, Sixth son of Timothy Hart, of Wallingford, Conn., and his wife, Phebe (Fenn), born January 24th, 1766, at Wallingford; married           , Phebe Dallas, and removed to Wallingford, Rutland County, Vt.


2024. George, born
          Philo, born
          Joel, born

[ Philo D. Hart, born in 1796, married Almira White. They had Willard Hart in 1820, who married Susan Tarbell. Willard and Susan had a daughter Abbie Hart born in 1861. ]

1805. Guilford, Conn., Wallingford, Vt.

AMOS HART, Guilford, Conn., Seventh son of Timothy Hart, of Wallingford, and his wife, Phebe (Fenn), born February 3d, 1768, at Wallingford; married           , Lois Anthony. He lived at Guilford, Conn., but removed to Vermont.


2025. Alanson, born           , married           , Roxana Dudley.
2026. Damaris, born

I806.               North Wallingford, Vt.

AMASA HART, North Wallingford, Vt., eighth son of Timothy Hart, of Wallingford, Conn., and his wife, Phebe (Fenn), born July 1st, 1790, at Wallingford, Conn.; married           , Nabby Fenn. He removed to Vermont.

1808.                      Springfield, Ohio.

JESSE HART, New York, ninth son of Timothy Hart, of Wallingford, and his wife Phebe (Fenn), born August 25th, 1774, at Wallingford, Conn.; married           , Esther Derby, of Rutland County, Vt. She died there, when second he married           , Freelove Ives. They removed to Ohio in 1812. He died at Springfield, Summit County, Ohio, July 18th, 1864, aged 90 years.

[The Centennial History of Summit County, Ohio gives much more information about Jesse Hart, some in conflict with the above:

"Jesse Hart was born in Connecticut, in 1773, and died in Summit County, Ohio, July 18, 1868, aged 94 years. When twenty-eight years of age he married, August 22, 1802, Esther Warner, in Connecticut. (Note that the name "Derby" above has been shown to be incorrect in a number of family and other records.) She died March 28, 1811. Jesse Hart was married (second), also in Connecticut, to Freelove Ives, September 15, 1811. She was born in Vermont and died in Summit County, Ohio, November, 7, 1863."

"In 1812, Jesse Hart left Connecticut with his family and made the journey to Summit County, Ohio, in covered wagons, bringing along many household treasures, and probably, as did many other early settlers, his cows and horses. he settled on what became known as the Hart homestead, in Springfield Township, west of Logtown, where the remainder of his life was passed. He found only a small portion of the land cleared, heavy timber covered the balance, and it required years for himself and sons to cut down the timber, blacken and then grub out the stumps and place it all under cultivation. His experience was that of other pioneer settlers, a little easier in his case because he possessed more ample means than many others. His older children, however, were all daughters and years passed before his sons could materially assist in the heavy labor. He first erected a log house of fair dimensions, and in this the family lived and increased for ten years. About 1822, he erected a substantial brick house, in which he lived until he died and which still remains on the farm in habitable conditions. In all that went to promote the civilization of this section and to advance the welfare of the community in which he had been an early pioneer, Jesse Hart was a man to be depended upon. He lived to witness wonderful changes in the country to which he had come so early, and on which he left an inpress on account of his sterling character." ]

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