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A Little Hart History

Here are some of the documents, articles, and pictures concerning Stephen Hart and a few of his descendants.

Who was Stephen Hart?: Stephen Hart was born in England and was one of the first settlers of Cambridge, MA, Hartford, CT, and Farmington, CT. Here is an overview of what we do know about him.
Stephen Hart's English Origins: These three articles, by David Hart, and about Stephen Hart's origins and voyage to America, were originally published in Hart Historical Notes.
Stephen Hart's Will: Here is a copy of Stephen Hart's will, as it was recorded in the Hartford probate records.
Judith Morris' will: The only know reference to Stephen Hart in England is found in the will of Judith Morris. But how was she related to him?
Original Records which reference Stephen Hart: These are copies of original records from Massachusetts, and Connecticut which reference Stephen Hart.
Revolutionary War Soldiers: Here are some descendants of Stephen Hart who fought in the Revolutionary War. There were certainly many more. Let me know of others you find.
Mystery Documents: These old 17th or 18th century Hart family documents are very difficult to read. Can you read any of them?
Grave of Stephen Hart, II: The burial place of Stephen Hart, Sen., is unknown, but his son, Stephen, is buried in Farmington. Here is his gravestone.
John Cole's Will: Here is a copy of John Cole's will, as it was recorded in the Hartford probate records. John Cole married Stephen Hart's daughter, Rachel.
Noah Hart's Civil War Letters: Noah Harrison Hart wrote many letters during his 3+ years in the Union Army. Here is his story of the Civil War.
Farmington, CT: Stephen Hart spent much of his life in Farmington, Conn. Here is a little information about that town and its history.
Hawkins Hart Inventory: This inventory lists Hawkins Hart's property in 1726, including real estate and a slave named Samson.
Charles C. Hart Photos: These photos are of Charles C. Hart (Miles, David, Capt. Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Hawkins, Capt. Thomas, Stephen) and his family. He migrated from Connecticut to California in 1856.
Gilbert Hart's Photo: Gilbert Hart was born in Wallingford, VT on August 11, 1828. After serving in the army in the Civil War, he moved to Detroit, MI, where he started a company that made emery wheels.
Nathan Hart's farm and portrait: These photos were taken in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Emma (Hart) Keeler's bible: This bible provides records for many of Noadiah Hart's family members.