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Stephen Hart and his Descendants

Stephen Hart

Stephen Hart was the progenitor of many descendants who now live in all fifty of the United States, as well as Canada, South America, Europe, and probably other parts of the world. He was born about 1605 in England. By 1632, he had arrived in New England on the Lyon. Four years later he was among the original settlers of Hartford, Connecticut. After less than 10 years in Hartford, he became one of the first settlers of Farmington, Connecticut, where he lived the rest of his life on one of the largest house lots in town. Harts have remained in Farmington and Connecticut until the modern era. Many of Stephen Hart's descendants left Farmington to settle in other parts of Connecticut, the United States, Canada, and the world.

The CD, Stephen Hart and his Descendants, is now available. Check the Hart CD page for all the details.

These pages present a little of what I know about Stephen Hart and his descendants and some of what can be found on the CD, Stephen Hart and his Descendants. Stephen Hart was the progenitor of one of the many Hart families in North America. His descendants number in the millions and include many notables, including Humphrey Bogart, Princess Diana and her sons, Nathan Hale, and Julie Harris, among many others. Quite a few 17th, 18th, and 19th century descendants are described in Alfred Andrew's book, "Stephen Hart and his Descendants," which is available here.

Your first time here? If you are visiting this site to look for a possible Hart ancestor and you have information about a Hart ancestor who was born before about 1870, try Andrews book, first. If you don't find what you want there, send me an email message and I may be able help you. Be sure to include a name, dates, and locations, if possible.

Please help us. This website, and the CD continue to be a work in progress. I continue to add information, as appropriate and as it becomes available. If you know something of any of Stephen Hart's descendants, please contact me. I'm especially interested in gedcom files, 19th century photographs, and 19th century (and earlier) diaries, letters, wills, census records and other documents. Also, if you know of genealogy web sites of unrelated Hart families, or for families that intermarried with Harts who are listed in the Andrews book, please let me know.

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