1361. Ann Jennett, born March 23d, 1834; married March 20th, 1856, Sylvanus Pierce, a farmer.
1362. John O., born Feb. 14th, 1836; married, September, 1860, Amy Caldwell.
1363. Ambrose L., born November 2d, 1837. He was living single in California in 1873.
1364. Clinton O., born September 23d, 1839; married             , Elizabeth Belden.
1365. Velorus M., born September 11th, 1841; married             , Roxana Clark.
1365½. Adelbert Miron, born September 27th, 1843. He was a soldier in the late war.
1366. Melancthon C., born December 15th, 1846; married November 2Oth, 1872, Mary Camp. He is a lawyer.
1367. Arlington M., born June 15th, 1849. He is assistant clerk for the county.

1028.                                Avon, Conn.

GIDEON WAREHAM HART, Avon, third son of Gideon Baldwin Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Marilla (Woodford), born at Avon in 1811; married November 27th, 1834, Ann Rice, of Barkhamsted, born there, March 9th, 1815, and died June 24th, 1844, aged 29, when second he married at Avon December 10th, 1844, Mary Susan, daughter of Thomas V. Parsels, of Patterson, Putnam County, N. Y., and his wife, Mary (Squires), born December 10th, 1818, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. He was a farmer by occupation, and resided at Avon, where he died, August 17th, 1871, aged 60 years.


          Child, still-born, 1835.
          Betsey Ann, born July 17th, 1837; died June 3d, 1842, aged 5 years.
          Child, still-born, 1844.


1368. Ellen Maria, born March 26th, 1846; married March 24th, 1870, Chauncey Deming of Farmington.
          Gideon Wareham, born February 16th, 1847; died February 16th, 1847.
1369. Martha Susan, born August 25th, 1850.
1370. George Gideon, born February 16th, 1854.
          Mary Esther, born April 20th, 1858.

1029.                                Avon, Conn.

JOSEPH HART, Avon, eldest son of Joseph Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Cynthia (Woodford), born November 5th, 1800, and married July 26th, 1824, Tryphena Rice, daughter of Gideon, of Barkhamsted, and his wife, Mary Ann (Sanderson), of the same place, born August 10th, I807, at Barkhamsted. He is a shoe-maker by trade and avocation. In 1872 he was in feeble health, and lived a little south of the church in West Avon, Conn.