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818.                       Farmington, Conn.

ALICE HART, fifth daughter of Gideon Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of William Hart, born November 5th, 1771, at Avon; married March 6th, 1796, Samuel, son of Elijah Andrews and his wife, Sarah (Thompson), born April 24th, 1768, at Farmington. She was admitted to the Congregational Church in Farmington, August 2d, 1829, and died August 1st 1830, aged 58 years, 8 months, 26 days. He died in 1821, aged about 53 years. His father's Will was dated July 2d, 1795, and constituted him, with James, his brother, as executors. His own inventory was taken August 30th, 1821; amount, $3,523.35; and distribution was made August 7th, 1822, to the widow and the three children, viz: Hiram, born April 23d, 1799; Huldah, born June 22d, 1803; Emily, born September 12th, 1809.

819.                               Avon, Conn.

GIDEON BALDWIN HART, Avon, Conn., third son of Gideon Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of William, born February 14th, 1776, at Avon; married December 29th, 1795, Marilla Woodford, daughter of Joseph, Jr., of Avon, born July 8th, 1777, in Avon. He resided there east of Farmington River, and died there, August 31st, 1842, aged 66 years. His widow died in Avon, August 22d, 1863, aged 86 years.


1025. Luther Woodford, born June 16th, 1796; married         , 1819, Almira Gillett.
          Betsey, born December 26th, 1797; died December 7th, 1808, aged 11. She was buried at the old cemetary in Avon.
1026. Marilla Maria, born March 22d, 1800; married                 , Jesse Frisbee.
1027. Joseph Chauncey, born, June 23d, 1804; married February 18th, 1824, Rosanna Goff.
1028. Gideon Wareham, born June 10th, 1811; married                 , 1834, Ann Rice.
          John Woodford, born February 10th, 1814; died February 20th, 1835.

820.                          Gustavus, Ohio.

JOSEPH HART, Gustavus, Ohio, fourth son of Gideon Hart, of Avon, and his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of William Hart, born, June 30th, 1778, at Avon; married November 5th, 1806, Eunice, daughter of Moses Fitz, and his wife, Dorothy (Belden), born June 30th, 1787, at

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