Samuel, and his wife, Hannah Lathrop, born November 13th, 1723, at Northington. He died September 18th, 1776, in his 53d year. They had children, viz: a daughter, born May 5th, 1749, and died on the 9th; Ruth, born July 11th, 1750; Barnabas, born August 7th, 1752; Levi, born September 13th, 1755; Asa, born March 23d, 1759.

707.                  Northington, now Avon.

NOAH HART, Avon, second son of Joseph Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Mary (Bird), born October 28th, 1726; married March 30th, 1753, Sarah Miller, who died October 10th, 1776. He died March 22d, 1777, in his 51st year.


805. Joel, born September 2d, 1754; married        , 1750, Huldah Woodruff.
806. Seth, born May 23d, 1756; married December 9th, 1779, Anna Miller.
807. Mary, born May 20th, 1758; married March 28th, 1782, Munson Hart.
808. Selah, born July 1st, 1760; married        , Sarah
809. Dan, born July 6th, 1762; married
810. Hannah, born        , 1764; baptized July 1st, 1764; married James Alderman.
       Noah, born        , 1767; died June 11th, 1787, aged 19 years.
811. Sarah, born        , 1767; married        , Blakesley.
812. Levi, born August 12th, 1770, and removed to Barkhamsted.

708.                 Northington, now Avon.

LYDIA HART, Avon, second daughter of Joseph Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Mary (Bird), born August 8th, 1728, at Northington; married December 15th, 1748, Noah Gillett, and had children- Isaac, born January 29th, 1748-9, died February 4th, 1748; Isaac, born January 3d, 1749-50, died June 25th, 1755; Lydia, born August 2d, 1752; Noah, born March 10th, 1755; Titus, born November 7th, 1756; Obadiah, born May 6th, 1763; Amos, born May 16th, 1765.

709.                 Northington, now Avon.

GIDEON HART, Avon, third son of Joseph Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Mary (Bird), born September 11th, 1730, at Farmington; married November 15th, 1759, Elizabeth, daughter of William Hart, and his wife, Elizabeth (Woodruff), of Avon, born April 9th, 1739. She died January 1st, 1825, aged 85. They were both admitted to the church at Farmington in 1814. He was a prosperous farmer, and they lived near the bridge across Farmington River, at Cider Brook, the