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1025.                                Avon, Conn.

LUTHER WOODFORD HART, Avon, eldest son of Gideon Baldwin Hart of the same town, and his wife, Marilla (Woodford), born June 16th, 1796, at Avon; married           , 1819; Almira Gillet, of Avon, daughter of Amos, and his wife, Esther (Bishop), born 1800, at Avon. He removed to Farmington, Trumbull County, Ohio, in 1837. They have seven children, all living in Minnesota in 1871, and are all married. His wife died, September, 1852, aged 51 years. In 1872 he was living with his son, George, in Delavan, Faribault County, Minn., is about 79 years of age, and still quite vigorous.


1351. Susan Francis, born December 10th, 1818; married April 15th, 1844, Samuel Milton.
1352. Betsey M., born September 20th, 1823; married October 28th, 1841, Noah Miller.
1353. George, born May 9th, 1826; married, second wife, June 17th, 1860, Susan C. Weir.
1354. Amos Gillet, born November 7th, 1828; married October 19th, 1851, Sarah Miller.
1355. Esther Almira, born February 20th, 1831; married November 30th, 1865, Charles W. Hough.
          Joseph, born           , 1832; died           , 1832.
1356. John Luther, born September 23d, 1834; married February 10th, 1866, Mary P. Reynolds.
1356½. Ann S., born October 5th, 1842; married April 26th, 1866, Seth W. Bishop.

1027.                       Farmington, Ohio.

JOSEPH CHAUNCEY HART, Avon, second son of Gideon Baldwin Hart, of the same town, and. his wife, Marilla (Woodford), born June 23d, 1804, at Avon, Conn.; married February 18th, 1824, at East Granville, Mass., Rosanna Goff, born September 11th, 1807, at West Springfield, Mass. He kept a tavern at Wethersfield, but removed to Farmington, Trumbull County, Ohio. He died March 19th, 1867, aged 63 years. His widow was living at West Farmington, Trumbull County, Ohio, in 1873.


l357. Hiram Samuel, born October 8th , 1825; married           , Fannie Hart, of Gustavus, Ohio.
1358. Joseph Chauncey, born September 22d, l828; married May 20th, 1852, Margaret Lane, of East Hartford.
1359. Frances K., born July 3d, 1830; married           , Sylvester Fries, a blacksmith.
1360, Sarah J., born August 3d, 1832; married November l9th, 1851, Lewis Taft, a farmer.

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