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October 28th, 1828, aged 66. He died November 29th, 1825, aged 68 years, 6 months.

815.                                Avon, Conn.

RHODA HART, Avon, third daughter of Gideon Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Elizabeth (Hart), born December 27th, 1764, at Avon; married July 12th, 1814, Eben Thompson, of Avon. They had only one child, named Levia, on June 10th, 1794. Mrs. Thompson died February 1st, 1842, aged 77 years, 3 months, 4 days. Mr. Thompson died September 28th, 1843, aged 88 years, 6 months.

816.                      Cider Brook, Avon.

ABNER HART, Avon, eldest son of Gideon Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Elizabeth (Hart), born December 3d, 1766, at Avon; married, 1801, Alma, daughter of Levi Thompson, and his wife, Lucy (Woodford), born May 18th, 1780. He lived on the east side of Farmington River, at Cider Brook, near where the old meeting-house stood, and where his son Austin lived, in 1873. His avocation was farming. He died November 30th, 1840, aged 74 years. His widow died of old age, March 31st, 1863, aged 83 years. She was admitted to the church at Avon in 1821.


1018. Noadiah, born June 9th, 1801; married Sept. 12th, 1826, Clarissa Dickinson.
1019. Leffert, born December 14th 1802; married         , 1826, Nancy Woodford.
        Truxton, born November 3d, 1804; died August 14th, 1813, aged 9 years.
1020. Alonzo, born November 17th, 1806; married         , Rachel
1021. Carlos, born November 25th, 1808; married, 1833, Lois Rice; died August 30th, 1840.
1022. Homer, born February 24th, 1811; married         , Delia Loveridge.
1023. Thomas Truxton, born August 10th, 1813 ; died single, at Houston, July 20th, 1840, aged 27.
1024. Austin Abner, born November 13th, 1823; married November 20th, 1844, Catherine Hart.

817.                                Avon, Conn.

ALMIRA HART, Avon, fourth daughter of Gideon Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of William Hart, born September 4th, 1769, in Avon; married November 24th, 1791, Amos Gillet. She died February 8th, 1799, aged 29 years.

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