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hem; married about 1805, Hancy Walker, of                 . His avocation was farming. He died about 1826. She died at Parma in 1832.


1320. Prudence, born February 16th; 1808; ; married                 ,          French, and had one child.
1321. Erastus, born         , 1809; married about 1830, Ruth Wilcox, and had eight children.
1322. Edmund, born         , 1810; married about 1833, Mahala Jones, and had six children.
1323. Eliza, born         , 1812; married         , 1833, Jeremiah Smith.
1324. Edward Buel, born October 11th, 1814 ; married         , 1835, Amret Irene Nichols.
1325. Ebenezer, born         , 1816; married         , 1836, Elizabeth Ware, and had ten children.
1326. Riley, born March 9th, 1819 ; married April 1st, 1847, Mary T. Erig, of Germany.
1327. Chauncey, born         , 1820 ; married         , Hannah
          John, born         , 1822 ; died of consumption in 1854.
          William, born         , 1824; died in infancy.
1328. William Clement, born         , 1827; married         , 1860, Esther Wilsey.

Avon, Conn., Lysander, N. Y.

COLONEL NOADIAH HART, Avon, Conn., oldest son of Abner Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Alma (Thompson), born June 9th, 1801, at Avon, and taught school fifteen winters and two summers. He married in Avon, before Rev. Bela Kellogg, September I2th, 1826, Clarissa Dickinson, daughter of William, of the family at Hadley, Mass., and his wife, Elizabeth (Smith), born March 24th, 1800, at Hadlyme, East Haddam, Conn. He removed to Ira, Cayuga County, N. Y., October 16th, 1820, and from thence to Lysander, where he lived in 1872, and was an elder of a Presbyterian Church there, and has been for some thirty years. He passed through the different grades in the militia up to colonel. He was admitted to the church at Avon in 1821.


1329. Abner N., born Oct. 4th, 1827; married March 30th, 1865, Jane L. Bennet.
           Simeon D., born August 29th, 1829; died September 3d, 1831, aged 2 years.
1330. Homer S., born March 26th, 1831; married December 18th, 1866, H. Augusta Kelley.
1331. Arthur A., born December 29th, 1833; married January 1st, 1863, Harriet P. Parker.
1332. Emma Eunice, born January 4th, 1836; married September 17th, 1863, Aaron C. Keeler.
1333. Thompson T., born March 22d, 1838; married March 27th, 1867, Susan M. Townsend.
1334. Henrietta Maria, born April 4th, 1840; married April 23d, 1863, Benjamin R. Howe.
1334½. William D., born April I6th, 1843.

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