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1019.           Avon, Conn., Gerard, Penn.

LEFFERT HART, second son of Abner Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Alma (Thompson), born December 14th, 1802, at Avon; married September 12th, 1826, Nancy Woodford. He removed to Gerard, Erie County, Penn., where she died, June 5th, 1847, and left seven children, when second he married July 25th, 1848, Eliza M. Dempsey, of Gerard. His avocation is farming.

[ David W. Hart sent me a short booklet, published by his father, William Lynn Hart, in 1978, titled "William Watson Hart and Ida Rockwell Hart." It includes information about Leffert and many of his descendants, including the following notes about Leffert Hart.

Leffert was a contractor and builder and helped to build the Erie-Beaver extension of the Pennsylvania Canal. He with Judge James Mills built ten miles of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern R.R. (better known as New York Central) including the aqueduct at Elk Creek. He also constructed six miles of the Pittsburgh road from Girard depot to Cross' station and filled a contract on a road near Akron, Ohio. He was a man of active business qualifications, and represented Erie County in the legislature, having been elected in 1849 on the Whig ticket. He was a member of Girard's first council when it was organized in 1846.

The 1850 U.S. census lists Leffert as having real estate valued at $4,000. The 1860 census gives the value of his real estate as $6,000, and his personal property as $5,000.

The following story about Leffert, with unknown source, is included: In the winter, Girard Hill, which was quite steep, frequently became so slippery that it could not be negotiated by teams hauling sleds filled with firewood. Leffert would then purchase the loads at distress prices and then make the deliveries when the road condition had improved and profit from the better prices.



1335. Nancy A., born September 19th, 1827; married , 1844, James Mills. They live at Greenville, Penn.
           Oliver W., born August 9th, 1829; died June 14th, 1862.
1336. Ann Elizabeth, born May 9th, 1831; married , 1851, William S. Dreny, a chair maker, of Gerard, Penn.
           John L., born February 12th, 1835; died June 2d, 1836.
1337. John L., born March 30th, 1837. He is a merchant tailor in Union City, Mich.
1338. Lucius D., born September 7th, 1839; married December 31st, 1868, Mary E. Guilford. They live at Gerard, Penn.
1339. Henry Clay, born December 27th, 1843; married December 27th, 1869, Stella Whipple. They live at San Gregorio, Cal., where he is in the dry goods business.


1340. Emma S., born June 29th, 1849; [ married 1881, George D. King; she died January 5, 1921; he died May 15, 1917. ]
1341. Ella M., born March 1st, 1851; [ married May 10, 1877, Lewis H. Daily; she died May 6, 1915; he died March 18, 1907. ]
           William Watson, born June 19th, 1853; [ married September 3, 1878, Ida Jane Rockwell; he died December 17, 1898 in Denver, Colorado, where he went tin an attempt to improve his failing health; she died November 23, 1941. ]
           James Abner, born July 10th, 1855; [ married October 6, 1881, Eva Cruzen; he died july 18, 1919; she died December 28, 1947. ]
           Edgar Clyde, born November 8th, 1857; [ married October 21, 1903, Edna Estelle Harris; he died May 16, 1921; she died October 8, 1944. ]
           Charles C., born July 22d, 1861,
           Frank Joseph, born September 2d, 1863; [ married October 26, 1907, Mary Olivia Serpell; he died May 22, 1935; she died June 2, 1935. ]

1020.                               Avon, Conn.

ALONZO HART, Avon, fourth son of Abner Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Alma (Thompson), born November 17th, 1806, at Avon, Conn.; married November 14th, 1837, Rachel, daughter of Philip Willard, of Pennsylvania, and his wife, Hannah (Thompson), born June 17th, 1821, at Portage Cbunty, Ohio, of Dutch extraction. He resided at Bridgewater, Williams County, Ohio, in 1871, and was postmaster, justice of the peace, town clerk, clerk of the board of education, and a farmer. His five eldest sons were all in the army of the late war.


1344. Thompson Webster, born February 12th, 1839. He was in the 42d Regiment Illinois Volunteers of the late war.
1345. Edwin Harrison, born July 14th, 1840. He was in the 42d Regiment Illinois Volunteers.

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