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1371. Noah Humphrey, born January 14th, 1831; married December 7th, 1851, Emeline Butler, of Burlington.
1372. Lucy Jane, born February 3d, 1833; married June 6th, 1852, Ira A. Porter, of Berlin.
1373. Eli Alderman, born July 29th, 1835; married July 10th, 1855, Mary Smith, of Farmington.
1374. Anna Maria, born April 26th, 1838; married           , Nelson Hall, a soldier.
1375. Julia Tryphona, born June 10th, 1841; married           , Henry Hadsell, of Avon.
          Cynthia M., born           ; died
          Mary P., born          , 1846; died single, at Avon, March 30th, 1864, aged 18 years.

1030.                                Avon, Conn.

ELIZA ANN HART, Northington, eldest daughter of Joseph Hart, of the same place, and subsequently of Gustavus, Ohio, and his wife, Eunice (Fitz), born July 4th, 1807, at Northington, and from thence she went with her parents to Gustavus in 1811, and there married Erastus Brainard, of that place, where they resided in 1873, and she was a member of the Congregational Church.

1031.                           Gustavus, Ohio.

DOROTHY BELINDA HART, second daughter of Joseph Hart, of Northington, Conn., and Gustavus, Ohio, and his wife, Eunice (Fitz), born March 27th, 1809, at Northington, Conn. She went from thence with her parents to Gustavus, Ohio, in 1811, where she married Russell Bailey. They located at Gustavus, where they were still residing in 1873. She is a member of the Congregational Church there. They had two sons in the late war, one of whom was killed, and the other returned in safety.

1032.                           Gustavus, Ohio.

JOSEPH NELSON HART, Gustavus, Ohio, son of Joseph Hart, and his wife, Eunice (Fitz), born January 8th, 1811, in Avon, (then Northington,) Conn.; married May 16th, 1837, at Kinsman, Ohio, Jane Eliza Gibson, daughter of James, and his wife, Mary (Essington), born May 9th, 1818, in Fayette County, Penn.

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