May 17th, 1869, at East Berlin, [ married George Sherman, died November 20th, 1953 ]; Grace Hart, born July 6th, 1871, at East Berlin, [ died January 8th, 1946 ].

[ The picture on the previous page of Lucy Jane Hart and of her husband, Ira Porter, on this page were provided by Terry Veth. They were probably taken at about the time of their wedding. He also provided more information about the children and another daughter, Kate B. Porter, who was born June 25th, 1873, and died March 6th, 1955. ]

1373.                     Plainville, Conn.

ELI ALDERMAN HART, Plainville, Conn., second son of Joseph Hart, the shoe-maker of West Avon, and his wife, Tryphena (Rice), born July 29th, 1835, at Avon; married July 10th, 1855, Mary Smith, of Farmington. She died January 1st, 1867, aged 27 years, when he second married April 18th, 1867, Marilla Fidelia Hart, daughter of Linas Omri Hart, and his wife, Mary Ann (Pennfield), born September 23d, 1848. He is a joiner by trade and occupation. He was a soldier in the late war, in Company G, Sixteenth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, and was a prisoner at Andersonville. He was at work in Hillsí hame shop at Plainville, Conn., in 1871, where they resided.


1614. Kate, born February 2d, 1868, at Avon.
1615. Frederick, born April 18th, 1869, at Avon.
1616. Frank, born September 25th, 1870, at Avon.

1374.    Unionville, Waterbury, Conn.

ANN MARIA HART, second daughter of Joseph Hart, the shoemaker of Avon, and his wife, Tryphena (Rice), born April 26th, 1838, at Avon; married                     , Nelson C. Holt, of Unionville, who was a soldier in the late war, in Company A, Sixteenth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers. He died at Florence, a prisoner of the rebels, and left one son and two daughters. She second married Frederic W. Glazier, of Waterbury, where they were residing in 1872.

1375.                              Avon, Conn.

JULIA TRYPHENA HART, third daughter of Joseph Hart, the shoemaker of Avon, and his wife, Tryphenn (Rice), born June 10th, 1841, at            ; married            , Henry Hadsell, of Avon, who was in the mercantile business in 1871. They have one son and three daughters.

1376.                       Gustavus, Ohio.

MARIA JANE HART, eldest daughter of Joseph Nelson Hart, of Gustavus, Truthbull County, Ohio, and his wife, Jane Eliza (Gibson), born