767.                 Ontario County, N. Y.

AMOS HART, Southington, second son of Amos Hart, of the same place, and his first wife, Ann (Gridley), born March 16th, 1755, at Southington. He was baptized there on the same day, and the mother died ten days after. He married, [ September, 2nd, 1779, Rosanna             ] and removed to New York State, near Lake Ontario. [ She was born January 18th, 1758 and died August 15th, 1827 in New York State. ]


         [ Joel, born August 20th, 1783 at Hartford Co., Conn.; died November 13th, 1783 at Hartford Co., Conn. ]
893. Horace, born [ June 30th, 1785 at Hartford Co., Conn.; married February 7th, 1812 at Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY, Jean           ; married second, December 8th, 1828, Hannah Barnett; married third, February 13th, 1842, Dolly             at Shiawassee, Mich.; died March 21st, 1867 at New Haven Twp, Shiawassee, Mich. ]
894. Theron, born [ July 2nd, 1787 at Hartford Co., Conn.; died after 1820. ]
         [ Andrus, born November 2nd, 1792; died July 24th, 1794. ]
         [ Thomas Andrus, born July, 1798; died November, 1805. ]
895. Josiah, born

768.    Southington, Burlington, Conn.

LEMUEL HART, Southington, eldest son of Amos Hart, of the same town, and his second wife, Mary (Dunham), born August 24th, 1759, at Southington; married          , Rosanna Winstone, daughter of Stephen, of Southington, and his wife, Rosanna (Cogswell), born January 2d, 1759, at Southington, Conn. He was in the army of the revolution, and in the last years of his life lost the use of one hand by paralysis. He removed to Burlington, Conn., where his wife died, May 23d, 1788, in her 30th year, when he second married Lydia Hefford, of Southington. He removed from Burlington to Hillsdale, Columbia County, N. Y., and taught school there, but returned to Burlington, where he died, May 2d, 1822, in his 63d year. His widow, Lydia, was received into the church in Bristol, by letter from Egremont, Mass., November 30th, 1845, She died May 5th, 1846, at Bristol, aged 78 years, and was buried in Burlington.


896. Mary, born          ; married          , John Miller, of Canada.
897. Orra, born          ; married          , John Field, of Egremont, Mass,
898. Joel, born January 2d, 1788; married February 2d, 1809, Sally Winchell.


899. Newton, born March 23d, 1793; married December 31st, 1836, Martha Sophronia Winchell.
900. Amos, born July 23d, 1800; married March 17th, 1839, Sally Brian.
901. Ard, born January 23d, 1803; married January 3d, 1831, Amanda Hart, of Bristol.
902. Jairus, born August 2d, 1804; married, 1825, Hannah Jones,
903. Urania, born          ; married           Crandall, of Petersburg, N. Y.
904. Belinda, born          , 1806; married          , William Spencer.
         Clarinda, born          ; died young.