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Using The Indexes in Andrews' Book

Alfred Andrews created two types of index to help find individuals in his book. The first index is a list of all Harts in the book, listed by their first name. The second index is all Hart spouses, listed by their last name.

The Hart index lists each individual with their father's and their grandfathers's name. Having three generations in the index makes it easy to distinguish among the many individuals with the same first name.

The intermarriage index simply lists individuals, by last and first name.

Both indexes can be very useful, but neither is well alphabetized. It looks like Andrews often scanned through the book looking for names that begin with a particular pair of characters. Names beginning with the same two characters are usually listed in order by the page they appear on. So for example, Amos on page 234 comes before Ambrose on page 252.

Besides correcting a few errors, the index has been extended to include many individuals who do not have complete entries in the book. Originally, only people with an entry in the book were in the index. The children of people in the book who do not have their own entries were not included. These children are the head of "lost" branches that some of you may know about. These children are represented in the index in italics and enclosed in square brackets.:

[ 126 Abigail B.,    Henry,    Judah, ]

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