STEPHEN HART, 2d, son of Deacon Stephen, the settler, born at Braintree, Essex County, Eng. He located in Farmington, Conn., and had his house east of the meeting-house, opposite the residence of John Hooker. He was made a freeman in Farmington, May, 1654. He died about 1689, and the inventory of his estate was taken by

Isaac Moore,
Thomas Hart,      Am't, £633 14s.
and John Hart.

His seven children were all living at the time of the appraisal, and their ages were fortunately given by the appraisers, viz: Stephen, 27; Thomas, 23; John, 20; Samuel, 17; Sarah, 14; Ann, 11; and Mary, 7.


671. Stephen, born         , 1662; married December 18th, 1689, Sarah Cowles.
672. Thomas, born         , 1666; married December 18th, 1689, Elizabeth Judd.
673. John, born         , 1669; married April 12th, 1694, Widow Hannah Treat.
674. Samuel, born         , 1672; married         , Anna
675. Sarah, born         , 1675; married December 11th, 1695, Samuel Tuttle.
     Anna, born         , 1678.
     Mary, born         , 1682; unmarried; died

671.                        Farmington, Conn.

STEPHEN HART, 3d, Nod, or Avon, eldest son of Stephen Hart, 2d, and his wife         , born 1662, at Farmington; married December 28th, 1689, Sarah, daughter of Samuel Cowles, and his wife, Abigail (Stanley). She was born December 25th, 1668, at Tunxis, and was admitted to the church in Farmington, February 2d, 1691-2, which fact shows that they resided in Farmington, and not Avon. His Will was dated September 3d, 1728, and gives his wife, Sarah, one-third, to Timothy and Daniel, his sons, to his three daughters, Sarah, Ann,

NOTE.-Stephen, the eldest son, being entitled, by the Will and common usage, to a double portion, for some good reason best known to himself, relinquished to his brothers and sisters, by an instrument in writing, dated November 1st, 1689, all his right to a double portion of the estate, provided they never claimed any right to the laud at "Nod," now Avon. See probate record at Hartford.