and Abigail, and makes his wife, Sarah, and son, Timothy, sole executors. The inventory of his estate amounted to £939 4s. 1d., taken September 27th, 1733. He died August 18th, 1733, aged 71 years.


676. Sarah, born October 16th, 1692; married January 19th, 1720-1, Ephraim Smith, Jr.
677. Anna, born August 18th, 1695; married December 23d, 1714, Deacon Samuel Porter.
        Stephen, 4th, born March 7th, 1698; died May 9th, 1725.
678. Abigail, born February 28th, 1702; married June 11th, 1729, Stephen Cole, of Kensington.
679. Timothy, born August 31st, 1705; married October 25th, 1728, Elizabeth Cowles.
680. Daniel, born March 21st, 1707-8; married July 18th, 1734, Abigail Thompson.

672.               Farmington, Conn.

SERGEANT THOMAS HART, Nod and Farmington, second son of Stephen Hart, 2d, and his wife,         , born         , 1666, at Tunxis; married December 18th, 1689, Elizabeth, daughter of John Judd, and his wife, Mary (Hawkins). She was born in 1670, at Farmington, and united with the church there, February 2d, 1691-2. He had the west half of his father's house-lot, opposite the Female Seminary, which he gave his son, Stephen, in 1724. He was a large land- holder. He held the military rank of sergeant. His Will was dated December 8th, 1727, in which he mentions sons—Stephen, Thomas, Daniel, James, and William—and made his wife, Elizabeth, executrix. The inventory amounted to £707 1s. 1d. He died in Farmington, March 23d, 1727-8, aged 62 years. The widow, Elizabeth Hart, died March 18th, 1743, aged 73 years.


        Thomas, born June 5th, 1692; died young.
681. Stephen, born July 30th, 1693; married December 29th, 1720, Eunice Munson.
682. Thomas, born Nov. 3d, 1695; married March 16th, 1720-1, Anna Stanley.
683. Joseph, born , 1700; married December 6th, 1722, Mary Bird.
684. Samuel, born , married February 5th, 1729-30, Elizabeth Thompson.
685. Elizabeth, born ; married May 27th, 1731, Sylvanus Woodruff.
686. James, born December 14th, 1707; married October 10th, 1734, Thankful North.
687. William, born Angust 20th, 1710; married February 2d, 1737-8, Elizabeth Woodruff.
        Mary, September 7th, 1714; died September 12th, 1716, aged 2 years.