673.                      Farmington, Conn.

JOHN HART, Farmington, third son of Stephen Hart, 2d, of the same place, and his wife, born 1669, in Farmington; married April 12th, 1694, Widow Hannah Treat, of Wethersfield. He held the military rank of lieutenant. He had the east half of his father's house-lot, opposite John Hooker's. They left no children, and he gave his property to his nephews, Stephen Tuttle and Jonathan Hurlburt, whom he brought up. The latter named his first son Hart Hurlburt. She was admitted to the church in Farmington by letter from the Second Church in Hartford, February 23d, l707-8.

674.                               Farmington.

SAMUEL HART, Farmington, fourth son of Stephen Hart, 2nd, of the same place, and his wife, born l672, at Farmington; married         , Anna         . He was a weaver by trade and avocation. On the l0th of January, l695-6, the town of Farmington voted Samuel Hart ten acres of land, "he to have it on the north side of that which is now given to his brother, Thomas Hart, against Sider brook, up by the Mountain, provided it do not prejudice," &c. At a meeting held January 4th, l726-7, "voted, the above-mentioned grant to Samuel Hart, deceased, is now made over to Joseph Hart by a deed of Sale, is layd out to Joseph Hart according to the grant, at a place called Syder Brook, which Grant butts West on a highway leading to Simsbury." He died in l697, leaving no children. His widow, Anna, married second August 20th, 1710, Samuel Judd, who died in 17l9, leaving one daughter, Anna, born October 15th, 1712, who married in 1731, Ebenezer Moody. She second married in 1744, David Porter. She third married in 1758, Ezekiel Lewis, who died in l760. After remaining a widow forty-six years she died in l806, aged 94 years.

675.                                 New Haven.
SARAH HART, Farmington, eldest daughter of Stephen Hart, 2d, of the same place, born l675, at Farmington, Conn.; married December llth, 1695, Samuel Tuttle, of New Haven, Conn.

676.                      Farmington, Conn.

SARAH HART, eldest daughter of Stephen Hart, 3d, of Farmington, and his wife, Sarah (Cowles), born October 16th, l692, and was baptized the same day, at Farmington; married January 19th, 1720-1,