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Otho, Iowa.

DEACON NORMAN HART, Otho, Webster County, Iowa, No. 229, Branch of John, page 107, youngest son of Deacon Seth Hart, of Kensington, Glastonbury, and Rocky Hill, Conn., and his second wife, Lydia (Williams), who was the widow of Dr. Bull, born October 10th, 1805, in Rocky Hill, and baptized there by Rev. Calvin Chapin, D. D., December 22d, 1805. He was left an orphan at the age of seven years, and went to live with Deacon Oliver Hale, of Glastonbury. In March, 1825, he married his daughter, Marcia, who was born November 21st, 1801, and died in Otho, Iowa, February 11th, 1875. Her mother was Betsey Hale, daughter of Colonel John Hale, of Glastonbury. Mr. Hart was a farmer, and they lived in Glastonbury until 1834, when they removed to Illinois, where they resided twenty years, but in 1854 they removed to Iowa. He was chosen deacon of the church in Mechanicsville, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Hart and three of their children were organized into a Congregational Church in Otho, in March, 1855, which church now (1875) has eighty members.


            Norman Hale, born July 10th, 1826, in Glastonbury, Conn.; married Jane Fuller, of Ohio.
            Lucius Williams, born October 26th, 1827, in Glastonbury, Conn.; married Katharine Livingstone, of Illinois.
            Caroline E., born May 14th, 1833, in Glastonbury, Conn.; married Francis B. Drake, of New York.
            George Dwight, born July 26th, 1835, in Illinois; married Orlinda Moore, of Ohio.

NOTE.—These children have all settled within sight of their father’s house, are all members of the church there, and are a great comfort to their father in his old age, and more especially in the loss of their mother as above stated.

WILLIAM STRICKLAND HART, New Britain, Conn., No. 265, page 122, Branch of John, and son of Roger Hart, No 116, page 85, was a shoemaker by trade, and died in New Britain, March 15th, 1875, aged 69 years, 5 months, and 1 day. He was an active member of the Methodist Church, having united with that church in early life. His last sickness was fever, which lasted but one week. He made himself useful for several years as a night watchman in one of our largest manufacturing establishments. After his decease his widow removed to Hartford, where she formerly belonged.

EDWARD GARDNER HART, No. 519, page 124, fourth son of Salmon North Hart, No. 270, page 124, Branch of John, born October 9th,

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