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269.         Hartford, New Britain, Conn.

SOPHIA HART, New Britain, fourth daughter of Salmon Hart, of the same place, and his first wife Sarah (Goodrich), was born Nov. 18th, 1806, at New Britain, and married, July 3d, 1826, Ralph Ives Dunham, son of Elisha, of Berlin, born Dec. 10th, 1801. He is a harness-maker, learned of Moses Beckley at New Britain; worked for Norman Warner, and went into carriage-making with Salmon N. Hart, his brother-in-law, at Hartford. He went to Natchez, Miss., to sell work and there died Nov. 9th, 1833, aged 33 years. She was admitted to the Congregational church, New Britain, Oct. 7th, 1821; was a sabbath-school scholar (1816), and could repeat one thousand verses of Scripture per week. She died Nov. 6th, 1870, aged 64 years, at New Britain. Their children were, 1, Sarah Elizabeth, born July 8th, 1830, died April 14th, 1836; 2, Helen Sophia, born July 4th, 1833, died Aug. 2d, 1835.

270.                           Hartford, Conn.

SALMON NORTH HART, New Britain and Hartford, only son of his father, Salmon Hart, of New Britain, and his first wife Sarah (Goodrich), was born June 18th, 1811, at New Britain, and married May 3d, 1832, Martha Corning, of Hartford, Conn., born April 19th, 1819, and died June 5th, 1846, when he, second, married Dec. 144), 1846, Joanna F. Gardner, daughter of Ebenezer, of Norwich, Conn., and his wife Matilda D. (Welch), of Colchester, born Jan. 1st, 1820, at Bozrah, Conn. He is a carriage-maker, learned of Mr. Wing, of Hartford. Now (1874) resides at No. 101 Ann street, Hartford, where he owns a fine brick house, and his carriage factory on Albany turnpike. He and both wives were members of Dr. Bushnell's church.


517. Charles Remington, born July 22d, 1837, married, June 15th, 1869, Ella Gardner.
518. Alfred Dwight, born Sept. 18th, 1840, married, April 18th, 1866, Sarah Daniels.
        Edward Frederick, born Nov. 15th, 1844, died Sept. 28d, 1869.


519. Edward Gardner, born Oct. 9th, 1852.
        Henry North, born November 29th, 1855; died May 24th, 1857.
        Martha Fellowes, born November 29th, 1855; died August 21st, 1856.
520. Henry Helmer, born November 20th, 1859.

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