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(Barnes), baptized Ang. 19th, 1772. Mr. Hart was left at the death of his father a large land holder; he inherited the old homestead where the late Harlowe Eddy lived and died, in Hart quarter. By speculation and bad trades, he lost all, was hard pressed by poverty, obliged to labor hard to support his large family while they grew up to respectability. He was honest, temperate, and industrious, and lived the last of his days in a small house moved from "Strip lane" to where Solomon Hamblin lived and died, on the Mountain road near the Boswell Steele house—it has (1874) disappeared. He died July 30th, 1828, aged 63 years. He sold, in 1780, to David Hills, his house, barn, and ninety acres of land for £330, reserving to his mother her thirds for life.


258. Azuba, born July 7th, 1789, married Dec 13th, 1807, Allen Goodrich.
259. Betsey, horn Sept. 17th, 1791, married March 12th, 1815, John Pennfield.
260. Polly, born June 5th, 1793, marned Nov 27, 1828, George Cook, of Farmington.
261. Chauncey, born Oct. 5th, 1795 m trned May 3d, 1821, Polly Markum.
262. John, born           , 1796, married               , Polly Stephens.
263. Anna, born Sept. 6th; 1800, married,                   , Curtiss M. Doolittle.
264. Roswell, born Sept. 1st, 1802, married, Feb. 13th, 1826, Eliza Steele.
265. William S., born, Oct. 14th, 1805, married, August 30th, 1827, Sarah Barnes; second, married,              , widow Harriet Dagget.


266. Levi, born               , married                   , and went to Illinois.

117.                         NewBritain, Conn.

SARAH HART, New Britain, eldest daughter of Judah Hart, of the same place, antI his wife Sarah (North), was born Nov. 7th, 1770, at New Britain, and married, July 30th, 1793, Asahel Hart, son of Jehudi, and was his second wife. For her history, see his number.

118.                        New Britain, Conn.

SALMON HART, New Britain, Conn., eldest son of Judah Hart, of the same locality, and his wife Sarah (North), was born May 20th, 1775, at New Britain, and married, May 2d, 1796, Sarah Goodrich, daughter of Asahel, and Sarah (Woodruff), his wife, born May 2d, 1777. She died Ang. 2d, 1815, aged 38 years, when, second, he married, June, 1817, Rosetta, widow of Elisha Williams, and daughter of Seth North, of Berlin, and his wife Eunice (Woodford), born Sept. 15th, 1778. She died Oct. 6th, 1863, aged 85 years, at the house of

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