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19th, 1859, at Hartford, widow Harriet Daggett, daughter of Rev. Benj. Graves, of Middletown, and widow of Isaiah Daggett, of Andover, Conn. Mr. Hart was a shoe-maker by trade.

[ See also the entry for William Strictland Hart in the Addenda. ]


510. Henry Augustus, born April 15th, 1829, married, Nov. 4th, 1857, Lavinia Warren, of Michigan.
511. George Washington, born Aug. 30th, 1831, married, Nov. 4th, 1855, Philanda Ellsworth, of Michigan.
512. Charles Burnham, born June 16th, 1835, died Jan., 1855, at Shiawassee, Mich.
        William F., born May 27th, 1834, died July 2d, 1836, in Michigan.
        Mary Jane, born March 22d, 1840, died Aug. 22d, 1845, at Shiawassee, Mich.
518. Sarah Ann, born June 23d, 1842, at Shiawassee, Mich.
514. Martha Ann, born June 2d, 1843, married, about 1862, Alonzo Johnson, of Michigan.
515. Emily Davis, born Feb. 16th, 1846, married, about 1864, John Riley.
        John A., born Aug. 2d, 1851, died Jan. 12th, 1852.


ORPHA HART, New Britan, second daughter of Salmon Hart, of same place, and his first wife Sarah (Goodrich), was born April 2d, 1800, at New Britain, and married, May 2d, 1820, Ira, son of Dea. Elijah Hart and his wife Anna (Andrews), born July 22d, 1798. He died Dec. 1st, 1824, aged 26 years, when, second, she married, May 2d, 1835, Horace Butler, son of Moses, of East Hartford, and his wife Ehzabeth (Forbes), born Feb. 4th, 1789. She, his second wife, was a chairmaker by trade. He became an extensive manufacturer of plated goods in New Britain in company with his sons. She was admitted to the Congregational church, New Britain, Aug. 5th, 1821, when wife of Ira Hart. Had no children.

268.    Bristol, Conn., Whitestown, N. Y.

LAVINIA HART, New Britain, third daughter of Salmon Hart, of the same place, and his first wife Sarah (Goodrich), was born Sept. 1st, 1802, at New Britain, and married, Dec. 9th, 1824, Samuel Andrews Hamblin, son of John, of "White Oak," in Farmington, and his wife, Eunice Eddy, widow of Samuel Andrews, born April 11th, 1803. He was a carriage-maker, lived in Bristol, and removed to Whitestown, N. Y. He died May 9th, 1871, at New W6odstock, Madison Co., N. Y. She died at Morrisville, same county, April 9th, 1866, in her 64th year. Had two sons.

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